Learning to run: tips and advice

How to learn to run when you are a beginner?

Have you decided to get back in shape, but don’t know which sport to choose? Why not opt ​​for running? Indeed, the race requires little investment in terms of the necessary equipment, can be done in any season and almost anywhere.

But like any sport, you have to pay attention to certain details if you want to avoid injury or discouragement. 10-Trucs offers you some good tips and equipment to get to learn how to run well.

Tips for learning to run well:

1. Be well equipped to run

Let’s start at the basics, so with the gear you’ll need to run comfortably:

The shoes : The most important thing to look for in a running shoe is stability. Additionally, the right running shoe should be lightweight, made of material that lets the foot breathe while resisting water.

The sole, of course, must provide good grip to avoid slipping in addition to being robust.

Here is a model of men’s running shoes:

Here is a model of women’s running shoes:

Clothing for running: It will be essential to choose your running clothes according to the temperature. Opt for a fabric that breathes and wicks away moisture well.

In winter, layer your clothes:

  • An absorbent first layer that will keep you dry.
  • A second insulating layer to retain heat.
  • Finally, a third layer to cut the wind.

Don’t forget to cover your extremities well when you run in the winter, to avoid frostbite on your fingers and ears.

Socks: Even with a great shoe, if you don’t have the right sock, your run won’t be comfortable.

Summer and winter alike, leave out cotton, which retains too much moisture, and opt instead for a merino wool sock. This will wick away moisture and keep your feet warm in winter.

Watches with heart rate tracking : Although not essential, this gadget can tell you, in addition to the time, what is your heart rate in addition to offering you different running programs.

Some even have a built-in GPS that will log your speed, distance traveled and many other details. Here is a model of GPS watch with heart rate at an excellent price:

GPS running watch

GPS running watch

  • Built-in GPS for speed, distance and route
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep analysis and monitoring

You will find in bookstores and on the internet, interesting readings on running for beginners. Here you will find information about

  • The equipment needed to start running
  • How to warm up
  • The different running techniques
  • Running programs suitable for beginners as well as the most seasoned.

There are even running clubs that will allow you to run in a group and get tips on how to run well from professionals.

Before starting any form of training, it is strongly advised to see your doctor to ensure that our state of health allows it. Once we have the green light from our doctor and at least the basic equipment, we are ready to start the race.

3. What to do before running?

You got the all clear from your doctor and you have your running gear. It’s time to get started, but not just anyhow!

As before any sport and physical training, it is important to properly warm up your muscles.

This step will save you injuries and aches. A good warm-up will allow your blood vessels to dilate and therefore supply more oxygen to your muscles. In addition, it will help to optimize its flexibility. Warming up will also gently increase your heart rate to reduce stress on your heart.

Start warming up with light aerobic exercise such as walking or riding a stationary bike. Then, start running slowly and slowly increase the pace.

trade to run

4. What to do after running?

After your run, you need to give your body and muscles time to cool down. Do this by continuing to jog slowly or by walking for 5 to 10 minutes.

Then, you will have to think about stretching:

  • Lower back
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Calves
  • Hip
  • Quadriceps

Hold each stretch for 15 to 30 seconds to avoid injury.

5. The treadmill

If it’s not possible for you to run outside, or if you prefer to stay away from the elements, you could opt to invest in a treadmill.

This fitness device will allow you to practice walking, jogging or running in the comfort of your own home.

Most treadmills are equipped with different programs adapted to the needs of beginners as well as more athletic ones. If you are looking for a more discreet and foldable model of treadmill, here is one just for you at the best price:



  • Foldable treadmill model
  • Non-slip and safe surface
  • Large Display Screen
  • TOP quality price

6. Learn to run to lose weight

Have you decided to go on a diet and increase your physical activity in order to lose weight and lose abdominal fat?

So running is a great way to gradually lose the extra pounds, especially if you’ve made adjustments to your diet.

Start slowly, even if it’s only 20 or 30 minutes a day, and increase the intensity and duration a little each time. It seems that to lose weight, it would be more effective to run slower but longer.

But whether you run 20 minutes or 1 hour a day, exercise combined with a healthy diet will eventually help you lose weight and get in shape.

7. Learn to run fast

You started your training some time ago, and you have reached a level of endurance that you think is ideal. Now you might want to increase the difficulty and pick up some speed.

First, start by increasing the number of strides per minute. You could, for example, run on tiptoe, which will allow you to reduce your stride.

learn to run fast

You could also try interval training, which involves varying your speed during the same run.

For example, 400 meters at your normal speed, another at a slower pace, then alternate with another 400 meters at a higher speed.

Eventually, you will be able to increase the number of repetitions during your runs and slowly pick up speed.

Also, in order to reach your goal more quickly, you could integrate weight training exercises targeting the muscles of your legs. These exercises will give you more power and therefore speed, while improving your resistance.

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