Live: Follow the hatching of two bald eagle eggs!

It’s a great moment in life that you will be able to attend, at least if you are patient enough! On November 22 and 25, two eggs were laid in Florida and since then, their two parents, bald eagles, have taken turns at their bedside. The incubation period is on average 35 days, so it seems that the eggs are about to hatch. A show not to be missed.

On average, the female lays two eggs per year. These can be a delicious meal for black bears, large crows and other animals. To avoid such a catastrophe, both parents take turns incubating the eggs. Once hatched, the parents will remain permanently with the chicks for at least four weeks, then the latter will leave the nest at the age of one year.

To differentiate Harriet (mom) and M15 (dad), you can rely on the infographic below.

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