Look older, 10 tips

Do you want to look older, older?

Are you a young adult and you look younger than your age? People keep thinking you’re still a teenager? Of course, it’s not easy since it always brings confusion or problems here and there.

Don’t worry though, there is always a way to manage to look more adult. So here are 10 tips to look older… Older!

1. Change your dress style

If you still tend to dress like most teenagers do, you’ll definitely look younger. Therefore, changing your clothing style to something more mature, grown-up, classic, or something else could help you look older.

2. Change your makeup to look older

If you have a baby face, you could add some character to your face with makeup. Choose darker shades and accentuate your eye makeup more.

3. Wear high heels

If you are short, it will be easier to confuse you with a teenager. Wearing high heels will make you taller and there may be less confusion about your true age.

4. Wear career clothes

Depending of course on the job you have, you might opt ​​for suits or business attire to look older than your true age.

5. Change your attitude to look older

If you have a lot of energy and are very extroverted, you could try to have a calmer, more collected and more mature attitude from now on.

6. Have darker hair

Dark hair may give you more character and you will look a little older.

7. Avoid ponytails, braids and pigtails

Ponytails, braids, little pigtails and hair accessories could make you look more youthful. It will therefore be to be avoided if you want to look older.

8. Darker colors

Avoid too many and too flashy colors which, on the contrary, give a more youthful attitude.

9. Improve your vocabulary

By having a more adult, refined and enriched vocabulary, you will give the impression of being a little older.

10. Have good posture

Keep your back straight, your head held high, and inspire experience and maturity in the eyes of others.

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