Love life: what if celibacy was a choice?

Married life is still often considered the norm, to the point that celibacy is perceived as an anomaly. A very interesting short film, in addition to being beautiful, explains how celibacy can be intentional.

Some texts are a greater source of inspiration than others and the one chosen by the young French director Thibaut Buccellato is heavy with meaning and shows that often staying alone in your love life is a choice and not a fatality.

“At only 22 years old, I refuse to dedicate my life to anyone else. I want to feel whole. I want to be my own rock, my own anchor, my own soul mate. I want to understand myself better than anyone. I don’t want to look back and blame myself bitterly for altering my future for someone else when I knew I wasn’t ready for it. » wrote American blogger Beth Cormack in 2015 when explaining her choice to remain single.

Thibaut Buccellato, a 23-year-old Parisian director, was inspired by this statement to develop the short film « The Space Between Us » (The space between us) lasting just over three minutes. This short film broadcast for a week shows that celibacy is not necessarily inevitable. Besides, many people could recognize themselves in the main character.

A person who is not in a relationship is rather perceived as having shortcomings. These can be due to a bad temper, an unstable life, an atypical sexuality or even unappreciable behavior such as being selfish.

The film directed by Thibaut Buccellato nicely breaks down received ideas. Many people see the couple as an unbearable sum of responsibilities for them.

Here is the very poetic short film The space between us:

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