Make a cotton wool cloud and cloud lamp

DIY project of the day: a pretty cloud lamp!

Do you know what a cloud lamp is? For some time now, we have seen several DIY projects and tutorials on the web for making a luminous cloud yourself.

10 Tips offers you today everything you need to make a cloud lamp.

To start, how about watching a video that clearly shows how to make your own light cloud at home? This tutorial shows the necessary materials and the steps to make this pretty cloud lamp.

So for this DIY Light Cloud project, you need a plastic bottle, cotton wool, hot glue and finally a ribbon of LED light, that’s all.

Admit that the end result is truly spectacular! Thanks to the Bright Side team for this great DIY idea. To see more DIY ideas and other cool stuff, head over to Bright Side’s Facebook page.

Another glowing cloud model to make

Much in the same style as the previous light cloud, you are going to need different shapes of lanterns in which you will also insert LED lights.

Materials needed for this glowing cloud:

diy luminous cloud with lanterns and LED lights

Here is the look it gives with several different sizes of luminous clouds. Perfect for creating a setting for taking wedding photos, for example, or for creating a unique atmosphere in a room of the house.

how to make luminous cloud rune

*source and idea:

Add rain to your light cloud ?

make a cloud with lights

To take this cloud lamp DIY idea a step further why not add a rain effect to your light cloud? Just take the exact same cloud idea above and add some string lights. Here is a video that shows how to make a luminous cloud with rain.

For indoor or outdoor decor during an event, such as a wedding for example, it’s really great as an idea!

Here is the video that shows all the steps to make your own cloud lamp:

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