Make a marshmallow spear

Do you know how to make your own marshmallow spear?

There are real marshmallow shooters that you can buy in stores or even make, but why not just make a little marshmallow shooter for your children?

Young and old will love playing with this marshmallow launcher! 10 Tips therefore offers you a very simple idea for making a marshmallow lance.

To make your own marshmallow spear you are going to need a few tricks.

  • 1 plastic glass (still resistant)
  • 1 balloon
  • scissors
  • marshmallows

As you can see, this little craft requires very little and is very quickly done, even with children. You will find different versions of this marshmallow launcher on the web. Some use cardboard tubes instead of plastic glasses, others will even use tin cans.

Here are pictures of the different marshmallow spear models:

Marshmallow spear with plastic cup

diy marshmallow shooters

Throw marshmallow with a tin can

make a marshmallow spear out of a tin can

A cardboard tube marshmallow spear

diy marshmallow thrower

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