Make a pure dog bed and basket for naps

How to make a dog bed at home?

Do you have a dog at home and want to give him a little corner just for him so that he can rest and take his naps? Whether big or small, there is a huge selection and ideas for dog beds and baskets.

10 Tips presents ideas for baskets and beds to make and arrange for your pet.

1. Make a wooden dog bed

Crafting a cute wooden dog bed and basket has never been easier than this idea. It is indeed easy to find in a garage sale, a garage sale or even at an antique dealer old wooden transport boxes.

Here’s what this awesome dog bed looks like after the transformation is complete:

Wooden dog basket

2. Turn a barrel into a dog bed

If you have a wooden barrel, you know an oak barrel for making wine, well why not make a nice bed for your dog.

If you don’t have a barrel at home you can certainly find one at an antique store or even online on classified ad sites.

Dog bed with a wooden barrel

3. A cubic and wooden bed for a small dog

Both for dogs and for cats here is a DIY project for those who like to tinker and build new things.

So if you live in a loft or a very modern house you will certainly like this idea of ​​a cubic bed for a small dog.

Modern and cubic dog bed

The list of all the tools and materials needed to make this modern basket is available on the Apartment Therapy website!

4. A bunk bed for 2 dogs ?

When I was little we had a bunk bed (a 2-storey bed as I liked to say), a place for me and another for my brother.

So imagine for a moment a bunk bed for your two dogs… No squabbling in the cabin as they say!

Bunk bed for dog

5. A dog bed with an old television

Do you have a really old TV at home? You know the old TVs with a wooden frame?

If so, then here is a very original idea to transform this old television into a dog bed… Very original as an idea, isn’t it?

Dog bed in an old television

6. A “lounge” style designer bed for your pet

How do you find this dog bed model? If you like the modern, lounge and comfortable style, your dog should also like his new resting place.

Lounge bed dog

7. Make a dog bed

Why bother making a wooden bed for your dog when a simple cushion can do the trick for your pet.

dog cushion

8. A dog basket in a suitcase ?

Why not recover and transform an old suitcase hidden in the basement for years to make a bed for a small dog?

Simple and really pretty as an idea!

Dog bed in a suitcase

9. An upside-down side table… Simply

It’s hard to get a simpler dog bed, isn’t it! We take an old table (or a new one that you buy at a low price) that we retype and place upside down with a comfortable cushion for your animal.

Table and dog bed

10. Collect a wooden pallet

Wood pallets are still very popular for making homemade furniture and other things. So here is a dog bunk bed idea made from pallet wood.

pallet wood dog bed

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