Make a spice rack yourself!

How to make a spice rack? Wooden storage, storage in a drawer, magnetic shelf, these are not the storage ideas that are missing for storing spices.

10-Trucs offers you in this article several ideas to make your own spice storage in the kitchen.

1. Spice storage in a drawer

If you have a drawer in one of the kitchen cabinets that is almost empty why not turn it into a spice storage?

Look at this great storage idea! It couldn’t be simpler when it comes time to put away the little spice jars once the recipe is finished.

Organization of spices in a kitchen drawer in small jars

2. Recover a small vintage shelf

We all know a person who likes to buy and recover old furniture and wooden boxes so look around you if you can’t find this type of small storage unit.

If you like vintage and rustic-chic style as decoration, you will love this spice rack made with an old Coca Cola crate! If not, nothing prevents you from making it yourself, it’s not that complicated.

vintage spice rack to make

3. Mason jars for storing spices

If you are looking for a look that is both practical and minimalist, you will certainly like this spice rack to be placed directly on the kitchen counter.

For this idea they are mason jars but you can also use other types of glass jars with airtight lids.

spice jar

4. A shelf for storing spices

If you are a spice lover and like to show off your spice collection then this idea is perfect for you.

A built-in shelving unit in a custom kitchen wall for all your spices. If you have a « certain » talent for DIY projects then why not make it yourself?

Shelf for spices

5. Make a spice rack with barn wood

Barn wood is still very trendy these days, even in the kitchen! So why not make a custom spice rack out of barn wood?

Here is an idea to inspire you:

barn wood storage for spices

6. Store spices in test tubes

If you want to do something different here is a storage idea with test tubes to store your favorite spices on one of the kitchen walls.

storage for spices in test tubes

7. Homemade spice rack with a pallet

Like barn wood, the good old wooden pallet is also very popular when it comes to rustic and recycling.

Here’s a do-it-yourself storage idea to store all your spice jars and other little kitchen stuff.

wooden pallet for storing spices

8. A small spice rack to attach to the kitchen wall

Here is another DIY idea to make a pretty little wall shelf to store all your jars of spices and herbs.

Storage and spice rack to make

9. Make a wooden spice rack… WOW

Another homemade spice storage idea is actually a small rustic-style wooden shelf that you attach to the wall.

If I had to choose only one idea for storing all my spices at home, it would definitely be this one!

Build a wooden spice rack

10. Make a magnetic spice rack

For a minimalist and modern look here is one last spice rack idea for you… A magnetic spice rack!

Make a Magnetic Spice Rack

To discover in detail the steps and other ideas for making your spice storage, it’s here: Storage for spices.

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