Make a Straw Bale Pool

How to make a swimming pool with bales of straw?

There are several ways to build your own homemade pool. Why spend a fortune buying an in-ground or above-ground pool when you can build one out of straw bales!

Ideal for cooling off during the next heat wave or for your next house party. So if you don’t have a real pool, here’s how to make a straw pool!

1. Photos and steps to make a straw pool

Depending on the size of the pool, it will take about 50 straw bales. You also need to add even more if you want a depth of 3 or 4 feet, for example.

Make a straw bale swimming pool

Be careful, because this type of « homemade » pool is not always legal according to its depth in all cities and regions and above all not very safe, so you have been warned.

Once you have finished installing the straw bales to make the sides of the pool, you can lay them generously on the ground so that it is more comfortable when you go swimming.

build a straw pool

The most difficult and expensive risk is finding and or buying a pool liner to cover all the hay bales. You may also opt to buy a waterproof canvas at a good price to make your weekend homemade pool!

Pool liner

In the end, a nice big above ground pool made 100% homemade with straw bales and a pool cover. Admit that it’s still successful for a weekend pool!

make a homemade straw pool

Now that you know how to build your own swimming pool, you have to heat it! Come and discover our tips in this article: How to heat your swimming pool?

2. A big pool with straw bales

If you want to see bigger, here is another photo of a pool made with straw bales. This home-made swimming pool is still grandiose. HAHA!

Diy swimming pool with straw bales

3. A mini pool in a steel tank

If you don’t have straw at home then here is an increasingly popular idea for making a mini pool, the steel tank!

Very popular in the United States and elsewhere in the world for a few years, the swimming pool in a galvanized steel tank is an excellent idea to have a small corner to cool off this summer.

Here are some pool photos in tubs:

Do you like those little tank pools?

Come and discover other layout ideas as well as the steps to install this type of cattle tank in your backyard here: Stock Tank Pool DIY.

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