Make a wall of frames, 10 tips for its realization

Frames to add that little something to your decor!

The frames used as decoration on the walls can bring all kinds of beautiful styles and can be combined in thousands of ways! It’s not just the inside of the frame that will be highlighted, but also the frame itself!

By its materials, its color and its shape, it will be a very important decorative element! So here’s how to create a pretty picture wall!

1. Have a theme and concept for your picture frame wall

For starters, you can always have a base theme for your frames. It could be for example frames that only show animals, or photos of your friends, or flowers, etc. It could be a broad term such as bubbles, shapes, circles, lines, etc.

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*image source: settingforfour

2. Coordinate with the decor

For a better balance, you can have your frames match your current decor in the room. You will therefore have to bet more on the colors so that they match well with your colors of the room.

3. Vary everything

If you vary everything, this will mean that you can vary the colors, shapes and sizes of the frames. It will be pell-mell and it will be quite a style! On the other hand, even if all these frames will be rather varied, it will be important that they still keep a certain coherence to keep a beautiful final aspect.

4. Add Shelves to the Picture Wall

You can add shelves to your frame wall if you want. Thus, you can hang trinkets that will match the frames or even place frames directly on them.

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*image source: mychicadventure

5. Choose the right wall

If you want to create a wall of frames, it would be better to choose one that is strategically well chosen so that it stands out. Also, avoid overloading the other walls to prevent the room from having a messy and stuffy effect.

6. Have a nice geometry

The result must be beautiful to the eye. You can therefore align the frames and above all space them well from each other.

7. Do a test on the floor

To clearly visualize how you will arrange your frames, first start by sitting on the floor to test.

picture frame wall, original frame wall,

*image source: mychicadventure

8. Place a piece of furniture in front of the wall of frames

To create a decor with a different style, you can also place a desk or a shelf directly at the bottom of the frames. Be careful though, this piece of furniture must be well centered and proportional to the wall.

9. Have the right tools

Make sure you have a good hammer, good nails and of course a good level to be sure to position your frames correctly.

10. Choose a wall where there are no windows

For a more successful effect, choose a wall on which there are no windows. This will highlight your frames and photos and not the window.

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