Make a water garden, 10 tips and advice

Why not create a pretty water garden?

Water gardens can bring a lot of cachet and beauty to your yard or land! In addition, you will be able to exploit your hidden gift for decoration since there are so many possible ways to arrange everything according to your tastes.

You want to know more? So here are 10 tips for making a water garden!

1. Draw plans for the water garden

One of the first things to do when setting up this beautiful water garden project is to make a plan of what you really want. It can also be a drawing.

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2. Provide a sunny location

It would be important for your water garden to receive several hours of sunlight per day. It will therefore be necessary to install it where the sun is most abundant.

3. Build a bridge in the garden

A small bridge that crosses over your water garden will bring a romantic and flirtatious touch to your installation.

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4. Stay away from trees

It would be better not to install your water garden near trees because when the leaves start to fall, you will have several maintenance problems.

5. Have good equipment

Your water basin will need a pump and a water jet to allow for proper aeration and water circulation.

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6. Use a UV lamp

Thus, your water will be clear and well sterilized.

7. Add a filter to the water basin

By having a filter, your pond will be well cleaned and there will be much less bacteria.

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8. Add flowers to the water garden

By installing flowers all around, you will create a beautiful combination of water and flower garden. It will be wonderful!

9. Add fish

And yes! Why not make your water garden even more wonderful by adding small fish to it?

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10. Have lighting

In the evening, lighting that overlooks your water garden will bring great beauty to your landscaping.

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