Make cat toys

How to make a cat toy? As you know cats need to move, jump and run! They are animals, so they must move every day to be healthy.

So I offer you ideas for making your own cat games and toys. Easy and free toys to make yourself at home. Your cat will love it! ?

1. An easy-to-make cat game

When I think of a game to amuse a cat personally I think of a wooden stick with a little thing attached to the end with a string.

You only need 3 little things to make this game:

  • a stick.
  • a rope
  • pieces of fabric

Cat toy with a stick and fabric

2. A box with holes to amuse a cat

Very easy to make, this cat game will quickly become a must for entertaining your little pet at home.

A cardboard box in which you make holes is all you need to make this cat toy.

You then take a small stick with a piece of fabric at the end and have fun taking it out through the different holes. Your cats will love this game.

Cardboard box cat games

3. Hide and Seek Cat Food Game

Cats love to eat and love small treats even more! So why not make a toy he can play and eat with at the same time!

To make this toy you need:

  • a tissue box
  • toilet paper rolls
  • glue
  • cat food or small treats

Once the rolls are firmly fixed in the box, food is hidden in some of the rolls.

The cat must find the food hidden in the rolls of cardboard… A fun and entertaining game for your pet.

Games to find cat food

Here’s another variation of this cat game that’s just as easy to build:

hide food to amuse a cat

4. A « puzzle » game to amuse a cat

If you want to entertain a cat and make it work at the same time then this game is really a good idea! Your cat may be busy for long minutes trying to solve the puzzle to eat his food.

A handmade game that will force your cat to rack its brains to successfully eat the little surprises in the tray.

Here are several images that explain the details to make this cat game:

Thanks to The Glam Cat blog for this game idea for cats!

5. A free and easy-to-make little toy

This other game idea is simple, easy and quick to make yourself. A bottle with one (or more) small hole and dry cat food, you have everything you need to entertain your kitten.

cat toy with bottle and food

6. Make a cardboard ball for your cat

Lost your cat’s favorite ball? Do not panic, here is a really nice idea to do with cardboard (with a roll of toilet paper).

This cardboard ball will quickly become a staple at home, especially if you place cat food inside.

Cardboard ball to amuse a cat

7. Turn a roll of cardboard into a cat toy

A tube of cardboard or toilet paper, that’s what you need to make this other little toy for tomcats.

Simply cut the ends of a cardboard tube into small tabs and toss it to the pet cat. Simple, fast and effective as a toy!

cardboard cat toy

8. Find the ball, a fun kitty game

Another idea is to transform a large cardboard box into a ball and skill game for cats and dogs.

A box with holes and a ball, hours of fun for your cat guaranteed! ?

For an even more successful finish and a much more solid game why not get out your tools and make this wooden toy!

game find the ball for cat

9. Cat surprise box

Let your imagination run free to create a beautiful cat surprise box. ?

A box, a few holes and a little imagination to make the most beautiful surprise box, that’s what you need to design this idea!

You can have balls, fake mice, food and other accessories to entertain your cat for long minutes.

Cat surprise box

Thanks to PetDiy for this other great idea!

10. A ton of ideas for cat games and toys to discover!

Before you let go and make your first game, I offer you a small photo gallery below where several ideas are offered to you! Happy DIY! ?

You can check out all of these cat game ideas and more in our special Cat and Dog board on Pinterest.

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