Make furniture out of wooden pallets

How to make furniture with wooden pallets? How about finding ideas and photos of furniture made entirely of wooden pallets? The fashion for wooden pallets is still very present and for good reason, there is so much to do and manufacture.

10 Tips offers you 10 ideas for wooden pallet furniture to make at home. Happy DIY!

1. Furniture for the laundry room

Here is a really nice first idea to tinker with a wooden pallet, a cabinet for dirty laundry. You can also use old wood that you have stored in the basement or in the shed, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a wooden pallet.

a cabinet for dirty laundry with wooden pallets

For other ideas other than wooden furniture here is an article that you should also like: Recycling a wooden pallet.

2. A separation made of wooden pallets

Here is another very simple idea to recover wooden pallets, a separation to separate a room in two.

Make a screen to separate a room with wooden pallets

3. A Pallet Wood Bunk Bed

AYOYE, it’s really amazing what you can do with old wooden pallets at home. Here is another beautiful example, a bunk bed made of pallet wood, magnificent!

make a bunk bed with wooden pallets

4. A wooden pallet chest

Another idea for making a piece of furniture with wooden pallets is to make a nice chest. Here is a DIY idea that comes to us from the excellent site 101 Pallet Ideas:

make a box out of wooden pallets

5. Furniture for children

Why not use the wood from your old pallets to make furniture for children? This idea is really great. You like?

pallet wood children's furniture

6. Furniture for storing vegetables from the garden

What a great idea for a small piece of furniture to make with pallet wood for storing potatoes or even onions or other vegetables and fruits.

storage cabinet with wooden pallets for vegetables

7. A Stunning Wooden Pallet Bed Base

This bed base is made entirely from wooden pallets and the end result is truly magnificent.

make a bed base out of wooden pallets

8. A rack for your tools

WOW, here is an idea for making a wall rack to hang and hang all your tools in the shed, the garage or even in your workshop in the basement.

make a wall rack with wooden pallets

9. A wall made of pallet wood

Another idea for using the wood from your old pallets is to make a wooden wall like in the photo below. Do you like the look that wood gives to this wall?

make a pallet wood wall

10. Make a bench with pallet wood

Another piece of furniture to make with wooden pallets, a nice entrance bench. You can also use this bench in the bedroom or in the dining room.

make an entrance bench with a wooden pallet

To discover dozens and dozens of other furniture ideas to make with wooden pallets visit this Pinterest board: Idea with wooden pallet.

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