Make someone happy, 10 tips to make it happen

Do you want to make someone happy today?

Happiness is something that is transmitted! Each and every one of you has the power to make someone happier! Sometimes it only takes a little to make a big difference!

Would you like to bring happiness into someone’s life? So here are 10 tips to make someone happy!

1. Give this person time

Taking your own time to be with someone, filling a loneliness and bringing a little joy and fun into that person’s life, that’s something that could make someone very happy!

2. Offer small surprises

Pansies are so appreciated and worth so much more than a purchased gift! A little thought can be a kind word, a flower picked outside, a breakfast in bed!

3. Listen to the person

By taking the time to listen to someone, you release them from their stress, their sorrows and their misfortunes. It’s already a good step to make this person happy!

4. Make people laugh

When we laugh, we are happy! Just for a moment! So make people around you laugh to make them happier!

5. Be there to support the other

By teaming up with this person, by being there for them, this person will feel stronger, less alone and therefore much happier!

6. Help make a dream come true

Of course, there are dreams that are unfortunately impossible or almost impossible to achieve. But there are also all the little dreams that yes, do come true! Some visit somewhere, some little trip, some never-before-done activity, and more! We all have those little dreams that we cherish inside and which, despite the fact that they are almost within reach, have not yet been realized. So why not help that person achieve one of their little dreams.

7. Take care of the person to make them happy

By taking care of the person in question, you will contribute greatly to their happiness! Be there for her when needed, and even on a daily basis if possible!

8. Give someone affection

Parental affection, friendly affection, loving affection… It is possible to give different forms of affection to the people we love! Big big hugs and kisses always bring happiness! Even handshakes between neighbors can make you happy!

9. Offer a sweet treat

A good cone, among other things, always brings a little joy and happiness! Is not it? A simple little way to make someone happy!

10. Organize surprise activities

A surprise outing to the restaurant or a romantic stroll somewhere! This is something that makes you very happy! team, something to make someone happy

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