Making love before sport could finally be a good idea!

Even the famous boxer Mohammed Ali had forbidden it: no sex before training or a fight! According to him and many other athletes, this would seriously affect performance. But for a new study, these claims are myth, but how are they wrong?

It turns out that even in the days of Ancient Rome, it was often believed that having sex before a workout or competition could only lower performance. For example, it was thought at the time that sexual frustration in gladiators made them more aggressive and bloodthirsty and this was felt in the spectacle produced in the arenas.

The idea has been part of collective thinking for a long time, to the point of being inscribed in mores. Nevertheless, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology on June 21, 2016 argues that nothing has ever proven these claims to be true. The only elements going in the direction that the sex harms the sport were only simple anecdotes, concerning besides more the men than the women, in sum insufficient to have any value.

According to researchers from Italy, Croatia or the United Kingdom, it is even the opposite: athletes who have sex before a competition become calmer and are better able to reach a level of concentration that allows them to to increase their performance.

These elements are taken with a grain of salt all the same. Indeed, the study does not hide its caution and affirms that to be beneficial before a sports practice, the sexual act must absolutely not occur less than two hours before. The energy expenditure caused by sexual intercourse is not the same for everyone and the athlete could accumulate fatigue which would therefore be incompatible with sport.

It should also be remembered that sexual orgasm triggers a significant secretion of endorphins in the brain. This has rather perverse effects, especially in men, who then tend to want to fall asleep. It would indeed be a shame to yawn in full competition!

Last month, the Youtube channel String Theory (partner of the Huffington Post) produced a video explaining that sport boosts sex. Thus, in one way or the other, these two practices would be complementary!

Source: UberGizmo – Huffington Post

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