Meet the Aeternal, the hearse of the future!

In the future, offering luxurious and hi-tech funerals to your deceased loved ones may be possible with this futuristic hearse equipped with a multitude of functions. Are we heading towards an evolution of funerals through technology?

This concept was imagined by Abhishek Roy, founder of Lunatic Koncepts, a design laboratory based in Mumbai (India). While waiting to be produced, this mortuary vehicle seems interesting on different levels, such as the absence of a driver.

Mounted on mecanum wheels allowing it to move in all directions, both sideways and forwards and backwards, the Aeternal will be able to raise the coffin in full view of the family of the deceased or lower it in its interior. This hearse of the future will also incorporate a multimedia projector as well as a multi-channel sound system ideal for playing holograms of the deceased to music.

The Aeternal was designed for practical use in places such as funeral homes, churches and cemeteries. This functionality lies mainly in its ease of movement in tight places, the mecanum wheels giving it an optimal range of movement.

The vehicle will be steered via a dedicated remote control, integrating perfectly into a procession via the programming of a defined speed and trajectory. Equipped with sensors, the latter could possibly avoid certain obstacles present in its path.

According to the designer, the Aeternal will be made of lightweight composite materials, making it that much easier to move around. This is an idea exploring a possible evolution of hearses by integrating driverless technology, but also robotics and multimedia.

Finally, the Aeternal is intended to be an improvement on the Korbiyor, an earlier concept of a futuristic hearse that nevertheless seems more cumbersome and less functional.

(Image credit: Imaginactive)
(Image credit: Imaginactive)
(Image credit: Imaginactive)

Source: Forbes – Imaginactive

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