Mustard to keep cats away

Did you know that mustard keeps cats away?

There are many foods, smells and tricks that can quickly keep cats away and mustard is one of them. homemade repellents to test. Contrary to what some people may think, mustard is not dangerous for cats.

10 Tips explains in detail how to keep cats away with mustard. Good reading!

1. A mustard-based recipe to repel cats

To repel cats away from the garden, the terrace and even the house, this homemade recipe works very well. So here’s how to make mustard-based cat repellent:

  • Mix 4 tablespoons of mustard with 2 cups of water
  • Mix well and spray where cats roam
  • Repeat regularly to successfully keep cats away effectively

This is a trick that works every time to keep cats away. Repeat this action several times for a few days and you should no longer see them prowling around your flower beds and garden.

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Add a little pepper to the mixture

To make this trick even more effective against cats you can also add a tablespoon of black pepper to your mixture. The smell of pepper and mustard is an excellent natural and free repellent against cats but also against other critters.

Mustard and pepper are effective against cats, but several other natural tips and tricks exist.

2. Safe for animals and plants

Finally, it is important to mention again that the mustard used in this homemade repellent is safe for the cat but also safe for other wild and domestic animals.

Ah yes I forgot, you can also use this mustard repellent to prevent a cat from playing with your green plants. As it is safe for plants, do not hesitate to spray it on your indoor and outdoor plants to quickly keep critters away.

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