My cat is scratching the sofa… What should I do?

My cat is scratching the sofa… What should I do?

What to do with a cat scratching the sofa?

A cat scratching its claws on a fabric sofa, or worse, a leather sofa, isn’t fun, is it? You have to act quickly and offer other solutions to your cat than scratching the furniture.

I therefore offer you some tips and practical advice to prevent your cat from scratching the sofa.

1. Why is my cat scratching the couch?

Before moving on to the tips and tricks to prevent your cat from scratching the sofa, you still need to know why it scratches the furniture! For a cat, scratching is actually a natural, instinctive and important need.

Your pet’s scratches are a kind of natural marking of its territory, both olfactory and visual. You can’t stop him!

Where can your cat scratch?

If you do not offer your pet any other solution, it is normal for him to scratch the sofa and other furniture in the house. It is therefore important to delimit and arrange living areas for your cat so that it can, for example, scratch in its rest and play area.

2. A scratching post to prevent your cat from scratching the sofa

The first thing to do so that your cat can scratch without risking damaging your furniture is to install a scratching post.

Where to place the scratching post in the house?

The scratching post must be installed in a passing place so that it can clearly delimit its territory. The important thing is that the scratching post is clearly visible and accessible to the cat at all times.

If your cat has a bad habit of scratching the arms of the sofa, then place the scratching post near this piece of furniture. As soon as he starts again, place the cat and his little paws directly on the scratching post and repeat until he understands.

3. Use double-sided tape

If, despite the scratching post, the cat continues to scratch the armrest of the leather sofa, then the double-sided adhesive tape can be a solution to test.

  • Place the double-sided tape directly on the area where the cat usually scratches.
  • You can also cover this area with aluminum foil.

The cat will not like the « sticky » feel of the tape and or the texture and noise of the foil under its paws and claws.

4. A cat repellent to keep him away from the sofa

It is also possible to repel your cat and therefore prevent it from scratching the sofa by making your own natural cat repellent.

Here are 2 natural tricks to keep him away from the sofa:

  • The pepper: Simply sprinkle pepper where the cat is scratching on the sofa. Be careful not to stain the fabric or leather though.
  • Lemon peels: You can also place lemon or orange peelings on the sofa or even make a spray based on lemon juice, for example. Cats (and dogs) hate the smell of citrus fruits.

5. Don’t punish your cat for scratching the couch

Finally it is important not to shout and punish your cat! I know seeing your cat scratching your new leather sofa is not fun at all, but control yourself and keep calm with your pet.

Here are some actions and tips to do when you catch a cat scratching the armrest:

  • Clap your hands gently so that he quickly stops scratching the furniture.
  • Talk to your cat in a calm tone and bring it to the scratching post.
  • Reward your cat for scratching on the scratching post.
  • Get your cat used to using and scratching the scratching post as soon as possible.

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