My skin is aging too quickly… What should I do?

What to do against prematurely aging skin?

No one wants to see their skin age, let alone if it’s done prematurely. We all want to maintain beautiful, youthful, glowing skin and that’s completely normal. Fortunately there are some good tips and products that help against skin aging in order to keep skin young and healthy. offers you in this article tips but also practical advice for those who find that their skin is aging too quickly. Good reading.

1. Drink water against skin aging

Drinking water is essential for the overall health of human beings, that’s a fact. But beyond the need to drink water did you know that water is an excellent solution against premature skin aging.

As water is undoubtedly the best natural drainer, it is important to drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins from the body and thus avoid seeing your skin on your face and body age prematurely. So every day drink at least 2 liters of water and your skin will keep looking young and healthy.

Water eliminates toxins and purifies the skin.

2. Green tea, beneficial for the skin

If you want to boost the effect of water on the skin even more, then green tea is probably another good natural trick to do so. Green tea is an excellent natural antioxidant. It will certainly be good for your skin as well as against the aging of your epidermis.

Plus, since green tea is rich in vitamin C, just drinking green tea will help improve your skin tone. But that’s not all, the skin on the face will be clearer, smooth, shiny, alive, in short, it will look much healthier than before.

3. The sun makes the skin age, yes it’s true!

Who doesn’t love the sun? Unfortunately the sun is a real enemy for the skin and more generally for the health of many people who do not take any precautions against the sun’s rays.

Indeed many people forget how harmful the sun can be for the skin. Not only is it carcinogenic but it contributes a lot to the aging of the skin. Over time and years if no precautions are taken you will not only have wrinkles, but also Brown stains and other serious skin problems.

As the sun dries out the skin and causes a problem of hydration, in the long term the skin risks aging prematurely.

So before exposing yourself to the full sun, it is essential to apply adequate sun protection to all of the skin that will be exposed and not just to the face. Always use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above on the skin to avoid the harmful effects of the sun on your face and body.

So before going to the sun I recommend reading this excellent article: Prepare your skin for the sun naturally.

4. Cleanse and moisturize your skin every day

It’s hard to have beautiful, healthy skin that doesn’t age too quickly if you don’t take the time and the means to take good care of your skin every day. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin is extremely important to fight against aging of the skin of the face and body.

Clean the skin:

If you are used to applying make-up every day, it is all the more important to cleanse your face well and completely remove this make-up using a good make-up remover. Male and female, it doesn’t matter, your facial skin should be clean and thoroughly cleansed every night before bedtime. You can also apply a facial mask or scrub once or twice a week to help remove dead skin cells from the face.

Moisturize the skin:

Skin that is not well hydrated dries out like a grape… Over time, if you do not hydrate the skin well, wrinkles can start to appear quickly. It is therefore necessary to moisturize the skin of the face every day with a good moisturizer to avoid this premature aging of the skin cells.

If you are looking for other tips to moisturize the skin, here is another article to discover: How to hydrate your face naturally?

5. Essential oils against skin aging

Did you know that some essential oils are very effective and beneficial for the beauty and health of the skin, both for the face and for the body. So if you find that the skin is aging too quickly, here are some essential oils that could certainly be beneficial for your skin.

Rosemary essential oil: this oil will firm and tone the skin. Wrinkles will be delayed thanks to this oil. just mix a few drops with moisturizer. You can also use rosemary oil against cellulite and stretch marks on the skin.

Frankincense essential oil: frankincense essential oil is less known but yet it is really beneficial for the skin and even helps to reduce the effect of aging of the skin. A few drops are enough to tighten the pores of the skin and considerably reduce wrinkles on the face.

Lemon essential oil: this oil helps eliminate cells and dead skin on the face, and this, in depth. Mix with moisturizer, this tip is really excellent for restoring suppleness and thus combating skin aging.

6. Ginseng, a natural remedy for aging skin

If you like natural remedies to treat various ailments then know that ginseng is excellent for those who have skin that ages too quickly for their taste.

Indeed, ginseng stimulates the immune system in addition to being considered a good natural anti-aging product, thanks to its toning power. The consumption of ginseng would therefore help to reduce dark circles and even wrinkles on the face. So you can get ginseng capsules.

Ginseng is therefore a perfect natural trick if you feel that your skin is aging prematurely.

7. A good night’s sleep for good skin health

Did you know that sleeping well helps counter premature aging of facial skin? It may seem like a simple trick, but it’s true. If you have difficulty sleeping well, the signs of aging in the skin may appear very quickly.

Indeed, bad nights of sleep that accumulate may cause a loss of shine and elasticity in the face and of course cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. So here you go, you have to quickly fall asleep once in bed to recover from this big day at work.

8. Eat well to slow skin aging

As with water, diet and your choice of food is extremely important to avoid premature aging of the skin, but also to be healthy.

Omega-3s: foods rich in omega-3 are important for the well-being of the skin and thus prevent premature aging of the skin. So you can eat salmon or even better sardines.

Citrus fruits: as vitamin C plays a major role against the aging of the skin, vitamin C is to be preferred. So you can eat lemons, oranges, tangerines and grapefruits.

Eggs: Vitamin A is also very effective in helping to prevent aging of the skin. You can therefore eat foods rich in vitamin A such as eggs and butter.

vegetables and fruits: whatever the reason, vegetables and fruits are all good for your health, so why deprive yourself of them. You can therefore eat carrots, kiwis, peppers, strawberries and apricots in quantity.

soy: Soy-based products are good anti-wrinkles as well as good allies to help the elasticity of the skin. So do not hesitate to incorporate it into your diet if you feel that the skin is aging too quickly.

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