Natural anti-fatigue remedy to test!

What to do against fatigue?

Do you ever feel tired, exhausted, even when you get up in the morning? Although fatigue can result from a more serious health problem, some natural remedies can still help you with this fatigue. Come and discover below 10 effective and fast anti-fatigue tips!

1. Physical activity against fatigue

It’s no longer a secret that physical activity is essential for keeping fit and healthy. It’s no different for fatigue and lack of energy.

Indeed, how can you be quick-witted and full of energy if you don’t take the time to do some exercises during the day? Moving is a good way to get in shape, wake up and feel less tired.

Here are some ideas of physical activities to do at home, at work or at school to fight against fatigue:

  • Walk for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Brisk walk or jog for 15 minutes
  • Run for 10 minutes
  • Skipping rope for 10 minutes
  • Hula hoop for 10 minutes
  • Climbing stairs at work and school

The important thing is simply to move to activate the blood flow in your body and thus feel more energetic in a few minutes.

2. What are the best anti-fatigue foods?

There are many tips and tricks against fatigue, but why not just focus on choosing the foods you eat every day? Indeed, there are many foods that can be effective against fatigue.

THE BEST anti-fatigue foods to consume to have more energy and feel less tired during the day are:

  • Chocolate as an anti-fatigue: In chocolate, there is magnesium and it is a good source of energy! Ideal for countering the effects of short-term fatigue, of course!
  • eat parsley: Parsley contains iron and is considered an excellent anti-fatigue!
  • An orange not to fall asleep: With vitamin C, orange maintains the body’s immune defenses! You will therefore be less likely to sink into fatigue!
  • Salmon: Salmon provides immune protection as well as proper body functioning! It is excellent against chronic fatigue!
  • Steak for even more energy: Steak contains a lot of iron and our cells transform this iron into energy! It is therefore an excellent food against fatigue.
  • Yogurt and protein: Yogurt contains, among other things, proteins that give fuel to our body!
  • Pasta for a lot of energy: Thanks to its carbohydrates, pasta provides a lot of energy to the body for a very long time during the day.
  • Spinach… This energy food: Spinach contains magnesium which of course is essential in the energy production of our cells. It is therefore also a good energy food.
  • Muesli: This cereal mixture is rich in vegetable proteins and therefore maintains a good transport of energy in our body. Muesli is therefore perfect as an anti-fatigue.
  • Eating nuts: Walnuts are also rich in magnesium and provide energy to counter fatigue. They are also excellent foods for general health.

3. Ginseng: 100% natural anti-fatigue remedy

Certain plants can help you be less tired on a daily basis. Ginseng is one of those anti-fatigue herbs to try at home.

Very popular with Asian countries and increasingly around the world, ginseng has a multitude of properties. This plant gives vitality and dynamism to the system and to the body in order to be less tired, less exhausted.

What is good with ginseng is that it is possible to consume it in different forms such as in:

  • cold drinks
  • teas
  • capsules
  • infusions

4. Drink water instead of coffee and alcohol

Do you usually drink a lot of coffee or even a lot of alcohol? If so, it’s a habit that you will have to change quickly if you want to effectively solve your fatigue problem.

There’s no limit to how much water you can drink each day, so go ahead and let loose. ?

Did you know that being dehydrated can cause fatigue? So get into the habit of drinking 6.7 or even 8 glasses of water every day!

Why avoid drinking too much coffee?

You may say to yourself, but why avoid coffee? Indeed coffee is a stimulant and should therefore be a good anti-fatigue tip, right? Unfortunately coffee and caffeine actually wake up and activate the body quickly. but the energy drop is just as rapid thereafter.

Why avoid drinking alcohol?

A small glass of red wine from time to time there is no harm. But if you have problems with fatigue or even chronic fatigue avoid alcohol. Indeed, alcohol unfortunately causes a rapid drop in blood sugar, so be careful.

5. Breakfast every day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Do not skip this meal because you risk having a headache, being tired and above all losing concentration throughout the day!

So a simple and effective trick against fatigue is to cook and eat a good breakfast every day.

Here are some foods to incorporate into breakfast:

  • good grains such as wheat and oats
  • yogurts
  • cheeses
  • eggs
  • the fruits

You will feel so much better afterwards and above all you will be ready to start the day!

5. Energy ampoule and dietary supplement

There are several anti-fatigue products on the market in the form of energizing vials and food supplements. This type of natural product can be interesting to solve or rather control your fatigue problem.

  • Ginseng: as for the previous tip, ginseng food supplements are an excellent remedy for chronic fatigue but also against the harmful effects of stress.
  • Echinacea: Contains effective antibacterial properties and helps to tone the body and the system.
  • Magnesium: helps fight sleep disorders and anxiety.

Don’t forget the royal jelly!

And yes, royal jelly is a natural and effective product against fatigue but also against stress. This product is also available in ampoule and tablet form if you prefer.

6. Fill up on the sun, an effective remedy!

The lack of natural light and therefore of the sun is often one of the main causes of fatigue in people, especially in winter. Indeed, as the winter days are short and with little sun it can be difficult to stay awake and full of energy for a whole day.

The sun brings a beautiful energy to our body. It’s like vitamin C that warms our hearts and keeps us awake.

So after spending long periods of time indoors, whether at work or school, don’t hesitate to step outside to get some sun. Otherwise, you can also treat yourself to light therapy sessions, which are very effective for gaining energy during the winter.

7. A bath against fatigue… Why not!

It is not a question here of a simple hot bath before going to bed but rather of improvising a thalassotherapy session directly at home, in your bath. ?

Run a nice hot bath and put two handfuls of coarse salt in it and 10 drops of thyme or rosemary essential oil. This bath will have an energizing effect for all your senses. This is a good natural anti-fatigue trick.

A hot bath, with coarse salt and a few drops of essential oil, a natural solution to quickly feel better!

8. A lukewarm shower to start the day

Do you often feel tired in the morning when you get up to start the day?

A good lukewarm shower, neither too cold nor too hot, will stimulate you while relaxing you. It will awaken your senses and it will gently reduce your fatigue in order to wake you up gently.

For best results, start by turning the shower water a little warm (as usual) and then gradually making it colder (lukewarm). It will be a good trick to invigorate you and overcome this morning fatigue.

9. Give yourself breaks and rest times

When you have a lot of work and your days are very busy, there comes a time when you feel exhausted and without energy, it’s normal!

Fatigue, even exhaustion, then takes over. It is therefore important to revitalize your body and mind with a well-deserved break.

Indeed, taking naps is not beneficial only for children. Sometimes it’s good to cut the day in half to get some sleep. If the siesta is impossible to do, still prefer a small break of tranquility with a large glass of water, a snack, an orange juice or simply a short walk in the fresh air.

To be in good shape and be less tired, you must of course sleep at night! Here is an article about it: Tips for better sleep.

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