Netflix is ​​working on a technology that will allow the user to « control » the actors

Is interactive storytelling technology the future of cinema and series? The American company Netflix is ​​currently working on a technology that will allow the user to decide the fate of the protagonists.

Some like stories that end well, others prefer things to end in chaos. Soon, everyone might be content deciding what happens next in movies or series. Indeed, the American streaming company Netflix is ​​working on the feasibility of a technology that would give users the means to control key plot decisions.

Thus, some scenes requiring decision-making by the main protagonists will be available in several variants which in turn will determine the rest of the story.  » We’ll see how it will work. For now, it’s just an experiment and we’ll see if this technology will please. This will give new possibilities for creating cine-novels “, explains Reed Hastings, the director of the Netflix company, relayed by the Daily Mail.

The actors of the films and series should then film in advance many alternative segments to the story to leave the possibility for the spectators to take different paths in the latter. More complex versions of the technology could even allow lovers of certain shows to watch them “infinitely”.

Netflix plans to launch a trial later this year with a children’s show based on an established character and it will then be up to them to choose how the latter should act and evolve. If the experiment works, the company imagines adapting the concept for films and series for all audiences. The company does not say if this will concern already existing shows or future original creations.  » As soon as we have interactivity, you will be able to experience everything as you wish adds Reed Hastings.

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