One of the most incredible wildlife documentary scenes ever filmed

Planet Earth, the breathtaking nature series from the BBC, is back. The first episode opened this Sunday with the bonus of one of the most incredible scenes ever filmed in a wildlife documentary: a lizard with a beating heart trying to escape a horde of hungry snakes.

The tension is at its peak. The BBC knows how to do it. Ten years after the acclaimed first installment, the BBC returns with Planet Earth II, his documentary series dedicated to the planet and the animal kingdom. The first part broadcast in 2006 allowed us to (re)discover the planet thanks to breathtaking images filmed in high definition. The English channel signs a resounding return with a first episode broadcast this Sunday. And one of the scenes was particularly talked about with a video that went viral.

Welcome to Fernandina Island located in the Galapagos Archipelago. Young iguanas barely out of the nest must escape hordes of hungry snakes. Some will not make it, victims of the cruel law of Mother Nature, but one of the young iguanas particularly stood out by clearly announcing the color. Surrounded by a horde of hungry snakes with methodical and well-oiled hunting technique, the beating-hearted animal pulls itself out of the situation intelligently and heroically.

Snakes sensitive to movements, our iguana first stands motionless, before taking its paws around its neck. It will suffer attacks from all sides and a few bites, but it is clear that the animal clings to life in an admirable way.




You would have understood it, Planet Earth II has the ambition to bring us even closer to nature. Filmed in UHD [ultra haute définition], the series offers us a truly immersive experience. The quality is four times higher. Some footage was also captured using drones, a technology that didn’t exist at the time of the first season. This made it possible to film scenes of nature up close and from previously unexplored angles. And for those who haven’t watched it yet, here is the breathtaking trailer for the series:


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