Pain in the upper back, 10 tips to relieve

How to relieve pain in the upper back?

Having pain in the upper back is not pleasant. You feel stuck and you may even have trouble breathing. We have sometimes strained badly or slept badly, but whatever the cause, the pain is not less.

Do you regularly have your upper back stuck? Here are 10 tips to relieve and avoid pain in your upper back!

Tips for quickly relieving the upper back:

1- Take muscle relaxants

Got your upper back stuck? Take muscle relaxants. Sold in pharmacies, they will be very effective in relieving your upper back pain, especially if combined with an anti-inflammatory and painkiller such as ibuprofen.

But beware! Muscle relaxants can cause side effects in some people, including dizziness.

If you are one of those who experience these side effects, wait until you are quiet at home before taking a muscle relaxant. And above all, avoid driving!

2- Cold to relieve the upper back

Cold is often a very good trick to relieve and calm pain quickly, so why not use cold to relieve the upper back?

For the first two days, regularly apply ice or cold compresses to your back. Put some ice in a towel, and apply it for 15 minutes. Repeat as needed.

After two days, switch to hot compresses to relax your muscles and get good upper back pain relief.

3- Do yoga to prevent back pain

Yoga is an excellent activity to relax your mind and body, and thus avoid back pain! If you have pain in your upper back, it could very well be that stress is the cause.

So sign up for a yoga class for beginners, and you’ll soon be feeling the benefits all over your body.

Yoga is also very suitable to help gain flexibility as you will discover here: How to become flexible quickly?

4- Change mattresses to prevent back pain

A mattress that is too soft or too hard can affect the health of your back. A good mattress must support you well while marrying the curves of your body. Don’t buy your mattress just anywhere!

Go instead to a specialized store where you will be well advised on the choice of your mattress, and do not hesitate to try them. Soon you will be able to sleep better and say goodbye to your upper back pain!

5- Have a good pillow to prevent back pain

A good pillow is just as important as a good mattress. If you don’t have good pillows, your neck will be out of position and you’ll be in pain. This pain will travel down your back and eventually affect your posture.

There are pillows suited to your preferred sleeping position: are you the type to:

  • sleeping on your back,
  • sleep on the side
  • Sleep on your stomach

Choose the pillow that will best support your head so that it is always well aligned with the rest of the body.

You will also need to choose the best stuffing material for your pillow:

  • Feather
  • Down
  • Memory foam
  • Buckwheat hulls, etc.

All have advantages and disadvantages, ask a specialist in the store who can guide you in choosing the best pillow to prevent upper back pain.

Good posture and the right pillow are also important to prevent neck pain. Come read this article: Trick for torticollis.

6- Do stretches to relieve your back

Every day when you get up, remember to stretch your back gently. The best way to restore flexibility to your back is to imitate the stretching cat posture!

The posture of the cat which stretches to relieve the upper back:

  • Arms in front of you, head between arms, and buttocks elevated.
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds, then arch your back, head still between your arms.

This advice also applies if you have to carry something heavy. First stretch your back forward, then back and sides. Don’t forget the shoulders and neck!

This will allow you to avoid muscle injuries in the upper back.

7- What to do against upper back pain? Some exercice!

Wondering what you can do to avoid upper back pain? Exercise! Indeed physical exercise keeps you healthy, but also strengthens your body.

Target exercises that will strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. Do not hesitate to contact a private trainer who will develop a personalized program for you.

8- Improve your posture to relieve the upper back

Poor posture will always end up creating tension in your muscles, especially those in your back and neck. If you keep your spine bent and your upper back bent too far forward, sooner or later you will end up in severe pain.

It is important to always maintain good posture, whether you are sitting or standing. The shoulders must be raised backwards and the spine straight with the pelvis well positioned.

9- Do you have upper back pain? Consult a specialist.

If the pain persists despite your efforts, or it is recurrent, it is time to consult a specialist. Whether it’s a chiropractor or an osteopath, this specialist can find the source of the pain and help you relieve your upper back pain.

Sometimes back pain is caused by a serious illness, including cancer. If you can’t manage your pain by any means, or if it comes back regularly, see a doctor instead. Better to be careful when it comes to HEALTH!

10- Massage therapy to relieve the upper back

For mild pain or stress-related symptoms, a good upper back massage will do you a lot of good. The massage therapist will know how to untie your nerves and muscles, and you will soon feel relief from your upper back pain.

Make sure the massage therapist is knowledgeable about back pain and certified. You wouldn’t want a pseudo-therapist making your case and your back worse!

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