Peel off a label on a book, a bottle or on wood

How to remove a label easily? Peeling off a label on a book, on wood, a glass bottle or on plastic is possible and even easy!

If you find it difficult to remove all the glue then here are some good ones tips and tricks to easily peel off a label.

1. Remove a label from a book with oil

To begin, as is much requested by our visitors, I will explain the best method to peel off a label on a book.

Here is how to remove this label on your book:

  1. Start by removing as much of the label as possible with your fingers.
  2. Then take a small cloth and some olive oil and rub the glue off the label.

This trick is especially effective for removing the glue on a book and not the label completely. So always remove the first layer of the label before rubbing with vegetable oil.

2. Peel off a label on a glass bottle

I know 2 effective solutions to succeed in easily removing a label and its glue on a glass bottle: hot water and vegetable oil.

Here’s how to peel it off with hot water:

  1. Soak the glass bottle directly in hot water and leave for 1 or 2 hours.
  2. Gently peel off the label and let it soak again to remove the rest of the label and glue more easily.

Now here is how to remove it with oil:

  1. Soak a cloth, dab the label on the glass and let the oil work until the label is well soaked in oil.
  2. Gently peel off the label by pulling one of the corners (be careful not to tear it).
  3. Rub with a small cloth and vegetable or mineral oil to remove any remaining glue on the glass bottle.

These 2 tips are perfect for removing labels from wine and beer bottles, jam jars and other glass jars.

3. Peel off a label with heat

Heat is another great trick to easily remove sticker labels from different surfaces.

So to remove a label you can use a hair dryer or the hot steam of an iron.

With a hair dryer:

  1. Blow hot air from the hair dryer directly over the label until the glue softens.
  2. Gently pull the label and continue to blow the hot air at the same time (be careful not to burn yourself).

With an iron:

  1. Turn on the iron and pass your label under the hot steam, being careful not to burn yourself.
  2. Pull gently to remove the label well and wipe a cloth with cooking oil to remove glue residue on plastic and other surfaces if necessary.

4. Other tips for removing a label

Here are some other tips and products that can be used to remove labels from different surfaces: books, wood, glass or to remove a label from plastic.

For each of the products offered below, simply rub the label with a small cloth and the product.

  • Use turpentine: This product will be very effective in helping you take off labels on a bottle or a glass jar but also on plastic.
  • Use 90° alcohol: Apply a little 90° alcohol to the labels so that they are easier to remove.
  • Use acetone: Just like turpentine or alcohol, nail polish remover is also very effective in removing your labels.

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