Perfume the house, tips and perfumes

How to perfume a house naturally?

Everyone wants to have a home that always smells good. The good smells in a house are reminiscent of cleanliness and freshness. It’s a little extra that adds a lot to the atmosphere of the house itself.

10 Tips today offers you tips for perfuming the home as well as products to make the home smell good.

1. Perfume the house with essential oils

To have a house that smells good, even very good, essential oil is an excellent tip. To successfully perfume one or more rooms in the house quickly, there is a very practical product: the essential oil diffuser.

The essential oil is a natural oil taken from different fragrant sources. Depending on your tastes, you can choose between an essential oil with lavender, orange, lemon, cinnamon, mint, etc.

Here is an essential oil diffuser model that can also be useful as a small air humidifier. So whether it’s to diffuse a cool mist or a fragrant mist with your essential oil, this diffuser is ideal.

2. Ventilate the rooms of the house

How can you have a house that smells good if you never open the windows to ventilate the different rooms this one? If you don’t take the time to ventilate the house, you will quickly have a stale and unpleasant smell.

air the house to perfume the house

Just open the windows of the house for a few minutes to quickly ventilate and change the air of it. For a house that smells good and gives off a good fresh smell, this is the first step.

Do not hesitate to ventilate the rooms even in winter you will quickly feel better in your house.

Ventilation is the #1 trick to remove bad odors in a house. For other tips and tricks I recommend this article: Easily remove musty smell.

3. How about an air purifier?

Of course, in addition to airing the house, you can also use an air purifier to keep your house smelling good at all times. Very useful to quickly eliminate bad odors that may be present in the house in addition to eliminating allergens and pollutants in the air.

There are several models of air purifiers, some portable and some high performance. Below is an Air Purifier from Rowenta, a company with a strong reputation for their high quality products.

This powerful Rowenta PU4080F0 air purifier offers 4 levels of filtration to capture and eliminate 100% of allergens and other fine particles in the air.

Air purifier, Rowenta

Air purifier, Rowenta

  • Discreet, fast and powerful purifier
  • Captures 100% of airborne allergens
  • Help neutralize odors in the home

4. Bouquets of natural flowers in the house

What better than natural flowers to perfume a house and thus transform the musty smell into something soothing and fragrant.

If it’s summer, why not cut flowers here and there in your flower beds and gardens to make a few bouquets. You can then place them in strategic places in the house, for example in the bathroom, the bedroom or even in the kitchen or in the entrance hall. If you have lavender you must put it in your bouquets to give off a good smell everywhere in the house.

scent the house with lavender

Remember how good flowers smell… So imagine putting some of them in your home. Not only will it be very beautiful for your decor, but in addition, good natural smells will swirl around your home. Your family and guests will love this beautiful, smelling home.

5. Light incense to scent the house

Another trick to quickly perfume the house is the use of incense. Of course, incense has a strong smell so if that’s not your style better move on to another of our tips and tricks.

If not, we offer you below 100 high-end, high-quality handmade incense sticks. Among the scents available there are cinnamon, fancy flowers, rose, jasmine and many others.

In addition to dispersing a good smell throughout the house for several hours, incense helps create a beautiful, positive and relaxing atmosphere. You can find it right here:

Incense, Satya Nag Champa

Incense, Satya Nag Champa

  • famous incense brand
  • Authentic fragrance and high quality incense
  • Quickly improve home odor and environment

6. Make potpourri yourself at home

To perfume a house delicately, but effectively, potpourri is often an excellent trick. You can buy potpourri in stores or online, but why not make one yourself?

Here’s what it takes to make homemade potpourri:

  • Dried lemon slices
  • Slices of dried oranges
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • bay leaves
  • pine cones

Mix and place all the ingredients in a bowl or in small sachets to perfume the rooms of the house. You can also add drops of essential oil of your choice on the pine cones to give a more present and lasting smell.

make a homemade potpourri to perfume the house

7. Cook comfort food

What could be nicer than entering a home that smells good and gives off a good smell of comfort food that has just come out of the oven.

Are you running out of ideas for cooking good comfort food? Here are some comfort food recipe ideas:

  • Apple pie
  • Beef bourguignon
  • Apple crisp
  • A slow cooker dish (a good smell when you get home from work)
  • A large spagh sauce
  • A nice big lasagna

Several small and large home cooked meals fill the house with great smells. So let yourself go before receiving the visit this weekend! ?

flavor the house with a big apple pie

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