Pool in steel tank or Stock tank pool!

Stock Tank Pool DIY

How to make a swimming pool in a steel tank?

The fashion for mini pools is still very present this year, regardless of the region where you live!

The steel tank or cattle tank if you prefer is very popular for making a mini pool. Just look on Instagram to see a multitude of « stock Tank Pool ».

Here are several ideas for setting up this pretty little pool in a steel tank or stainless steel tank.

To help you build your own Stock Tank Pool here is a video that explains all the steps for installing and adding the different pool stuff.

Video: Stock Tank Pool DIY

To do exactly as in this video you will need:

  • A tank or livestock tank made of galvanized steel.
  • A swimming pool filter pump.
  • An inlet fitting and other hardware.

Some people do not install a filtration pump, but personally I strongly recommend it, otherwise it will be difficult to keep the water clean for long.

2. Idea for a Round Stock Tank Pool

If you have just bought or ordered your galvanized steel tank and are looking for layout ideas, then I offer you several below.

So what’s your favorite layout?

3. Build a hot tub spa

If you’re like me and like to find rather unusual ideas online then did you know that it was possible to make your own jacuzzi spa in a cattle tank.

For the manufacturing and installation stages, you will have to continue your research, however! ?

Here are several “Hot Tub DIY” photos and ideas:

And now here is a video that shows how to make your jacuzzi:

How about a homemade pool with straw?

If you are looking for tips and tricks for making your own weekend pool, then this article offers you several ideas: How to make a straw bale swimming pool?

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