Pool maintenance tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for the pool this summer!

When summer finally arrives, what could be better than savoring hours of pleasure in its beautiful, very cold swimming pool! On the other hand, having a swimming pool brings a lot of happiness, but it also comes with its maintenance package.

If you have a swimming pool, you will need to do several things to properly maintain it. Here are 10 tips for its maintenance and cleaning.

1. Prepare your pool for winter

When summer draws to a close, we must unfortunately already start thinking about winter, which will soon arrive. It is important to follow certain steps in order to properly protect your pool. You will therefore need to clean your pool, your filter and your skimmers. You will also need to adjust your pH between 7 and 7.4, treat the pool with a product for the winter, close the water inlets and install a cover that will limit photosynthesis.

2. Put a summer cover on the pool

If you are away often or use your pool little during the summer, it would be important to put a cover on your pool. Thus, your pool will be protected from leaves and debris, there will be no evaporation and your pool will maintain a good water temperature. An obvious trick but yet little used by pool owners.

3. Install an automatic control station

This control station will measure, among other things, the pH and the level of disinfectant while controlling the injection of products into the pool.

4. Thoroughly clean the pool

Clean your pool at least once a week. To do this, you need to remove leaves, insects and other waste from the water. You can use a broom, a robot or a vacuum specially designed for cleaning swimming pools. There are several other cleaning tips to put in place for the pool.

5. Treat pool water well

To do this, you will need a good filter as well as a good preventive treatment. You can choose chlorine (disinfects and kills bacteria), bromine (also effective against viruses and fungi) or active oxygen (disinfects, clarifies water and fights algae).

6. Keep pool water at the right temperature

To properly control the temperature of your pool water, you can use an electric heater. Effective from all points of view, it will be a good tool for a more pleasant swim.

Did you know that there are good tips and products for heating pool water? Come and discover our tips right here: How to heat your swimming pool water for free?

7. Make the necessary checks

Every two days, it will be important to carefully check the chlorine and pH levels in the pool. Adjust the pH only if necessary. As for chlorine, you can add a small amount each day.

8. Have a pool maintenance kit

This kit should contain a shock treatment, 5% algaecide, clarifier, vinyl cleaner, thermometer, test kit and chlorine.

9. Having your hair tied up while swimming

It may sound trivial, but if you have long hair and you lose it a lot, it’s a good idea to tie your hair up or wear a helmet to prevent the hair from spreading all over the pool.

10. Remove pool toys and accessories

In the evening, get into the habit of clearing the pool of all the toys and bathing accessories that are there. It could be part of your pool cleaning routine.

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