PornHub launches a site dedicated to sex education

PornHub is a site that has been broadcasting pornographic content on the Web since 2007 using the model of YouTube. 50th most visited site in the world in 2009, Pornhub has decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary in a funny way since a platform dedicated to sex education has just been launched.

Obviously, when it comes to sex education, heading to a porn site just isn’t the thing to do. However, the online porn leader wants to become even more attractive (and redeem an image?) by launching Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, a platform entrusted to the direction of clinical psychologist Laurie Betito and her team.

The goal ? Educate readers on the issues of love, intimacy and sexuality in a way “healthy and holistic”. Thus, we are in theory far from pornography. The Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center was created to deal with thorny issues such as consent, gender or even sexually transmitted infections. The site is rich in resources thanks to this collaboration with the psychologist who has thirty years of experience.

“Educating the general public on issues related to healthy sexuality is very important to us. With this site, we wish to bring a better knowledge and a better understanding of these subjects through the words of experts and renowned doctors”, explains Corey Price vice president of PornHub.

A promotional video was released for the occasion, but many people who believe that PornHub is in no position to talk about sex education doubt this project. Obviously, the Internet must have platforms on which users can communicate their sexuality problems, find information and trustworthy interlocutors, but it turns out that in 99% of cases, the site in question disseminates content oriented towards pleasure. masculine and usually does not promote healthy and equal sexuality.

Spearheading indignation, the independent adult film director Erika Lust addressed PornHub directly on Twitter: “@Pornhub, what kind of moral authority do you have to talk about sex ed? OMG! »

Here is the clip for the launch of the project:

Sources: Numerama – Konbini

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