Raising a cat, 10 tips for good manners!

Training a cat… It’s possible!

We often think that only dogs deserve to be raised methodically, but know that it is also possible to raise a cat well!

It boils down to a few basic rules, of course, because we’re not talking about training a cat here! But all the same, it is worth knowing these indications! Here are 10 tips for raising a cat!

1. Reward your cat

To spoil or to reward your cat, you can use food. It can be particularly good or gourmet food or small cat treats.

2. Punish your cat

If your cat does something it’s not allowed to do (like climbing on the table), you can punish it by spraying it with some water. He won’t like it and he will quickly understand what he has no right to do in the house.

3. Choose a kitten

If you want a cat that is raised on your own terms, choose to adopt a kitten instead. Thus, you can educate him in your own way.

4. Do not separate the kitten from its mother too quickly

It is important to wait at least 9 weeks before separating a kitten from its mother. It is during these 9 weeks that the latter will learn things that will remain with him in the long term.

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5. Arrange strategic places to chat

The cat needs to recognize itself and know where its things are. Choose strategic and comfortable places for food, litter, games, bed, etc.

6. Give your cat affection

Although cats are often independent and very autonomous, the fact remains that they need love and affection! So if you want their love, give them affection!

7. Play with the cat

The cat can have fun alone, but he will also love to play with you! Throw him the ball, make him run, tickle him!

8. Get him used to your voice

Talk to your cat so it recognizes you. Also, don’t hesitate to say « NO » when he does something wrong.

9. Buy a cat tree

Cat trees usually make cats very happy. The latter can climb on it or better still, make their claws there.

10. Be patient with your cat

To educate your cat, you need a lot of patience! Be patient, affectionate, authoritative when needed and play with great happiness!

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