Recipe ideas for making breadcrumbs

How to make your own breadcrumbs at home?

Whatever your menu for the week, it is very likely that breadcrumbs will find their place here and there in the preparation of some of your dishes. It is of course possible to buy breadcrumbs at a low price, but why not make it yourself at home?

Do you ever throw an old loaf in the compost? Well 10 Tips offers you below some recipe ideas to make homemade breadcrumbs easily.

Kitchen ideas for making breadcrumbs:

1. Make breadcrumbs with bread

Well, it’s no secret the #1 ingredient for making breadcrumbs is bread. Indeed, all you need is an old dry bread, you know the kind of baguette bread that has been lying around on the counter for a few days.

So you have an old dry bread on hand? Here’s how to make your breadcrumbs:

  • With your hands, tear the bread into several small pieces
  • Put in the oven for a few minutes to dry out the pieces of bread.
  • Then use a blender to crumble the bread well.

Use a coffee grinder to grind bread

A little tip for those who don’t have a food processor: use a coffee grinder to grind the bread. The bread, on the other hand, must be very dry and well dried out to successfully grind the pieces of bread.

How about a cheese grater?

Another trick for making homemade breadcrumbs with stale bread is to use a grater, yes yes a cheese grater! Of course you must first freeze the baguette and once very hard you grate the bread to make very small pieces, quite simply.

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2. A pale pale, almost white crumb

If you want to make panko-type breadcrumbs, don’t forget to remove the crusts. It is best to use slices of white bread from which you remove the crust.

Place the slices of bread in the oven to dry out the bread and make it crispy. We don’t leave too long so as not to brown the bread and the future breadcrumbs. In the end, once passed through the blender, you have a nice and good panko type Japanese breadcrumbs.

3. Homemade breadcrumbs without bread… With your leftovers!

If you don’t have bread at home, it is still possible to make good homemade breadcrumbs with your leftovers. Of course, to make this other recipe a success, you also need a food processor to properly crumble and mix the ingredients.

Here are some ideas for leftovers and ingredients to use:

  • Rusks
  • crackers
  • Cereals, such as corn flakes for example
  • unleavened bread
  • Almonds or even peanuts

Then just place the leftovers of your choice in the blender and voila! You can also add some spices or herbs to flavor your breadcrumb recipe.

Breadcrumbs are excellent with a multitude of foods and dishes, even with cheese! Here is an interesting article to read: How to make homemade cheese?

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