Recycling wooden pallets: Several recycling ideas!

What to do with wooden pallets? A wall transformed and revamped with wooden pallets, a pretty headboard, a chest or other wooden furniture… There are many DIY ideas!

10-Trucs offers you ideas for transforming and recycling a wooden pallet into something practical and pretty.

1. Make a pallet wood headboard

There are a ton of photos and projects online for making a DIY headboard out of old wood pallets. This is really pretty and easy to build.

wood pallet headboard

2. Make a bed with wooden pallets

In addition to a headboard, did you know that it was possible to transform wooden pallets into a real bed? I present to you below some ideas precisely to recycle wooden pallets into a bed.

Make a bed with wooden pallets

3. Cover a pallet wood wall

Another home idea to do with wood pallets is to cover an entire wall! Admit that the end result is simply sublime. A wooden wall to give a rustic and modern look to your home.

Although you can use pallet wood, nothing prevents you from buying and using wooden planks sold in a hardware store in your area.

wooden wall,

4. Build a console table with a pallet

Recycling an old wooden pallet into a magnificent console table for the entrance hall or the living room couldn’t be simpler!

We use the wooden pallet as a whole without modifying it and we fix a wider board on top of the console table.

wooden console table

5. Transform a library

Here is a very simple idea to recycle the boards of your wooden pallets at home: Transform the bottom of a library.

Changing the bottom of a cabinet or bookcase with pallet wood is an idea that is simple, quick and oh so pretty. What a great idea to give a rustic style to your furniture and home decor.

bookcase wooden background

Do you want more ideas for revamping wooden furniture? Come and read our ideas here: How to retype and shell a piece of furniture?

6. Make a stand for coffee cups

If you like tinkering with this other recycling idea you will definitely like it and even more so if you like coffee! ?

A coffee cup stand made from a wooden pallet… It’s a really great idea, you must admit!

coffee cup holder

7. Make a wooden chest

Another idea for recycling a wooden pallet is to make a chest. The popular site offers the steps to make a chest from pallet wood. The end result is really pretty.

make a box out of pallet wood

8. Build a shoe rack

Still for DIY project enthusiasts, here is another idea for recycling pallet wood: Turn a pallet into a shoe rack!

Make a shoe rack with pallet wood

9. Storage for firewood

If you have several old wooden pallets at home then why not salvage them and turn them into firewood storage?

Here is a photo that shows the type of storage you can make yourself:

Recycle pallet wood into storage for firewood

10. A garden container and planter with pallet wood

A last idea that I suggest you do with pallet wood is to make garden boxes for vegetables and flowers.

Several models of planters and bins exist, including this one:

Make a garden container with pallet wood

11. Make a spice rack

If you love cooking then you definitely love spices ? So why not make your own spice rack out of a wooden pallet?

Here is a really pretty and easy idea to do it yourself with a few tools:

Make a spice rack with a wooden pallet

For those who wish to discover other spice rack ideas, it’s here: Build a spice rack.

To see in detail all these tips and other ideas for recycling wooden pallets visit our Pinterest board here: Wooden pallet.

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