Relieve a mosquito bite, natural remedy

Remedies to calm and soothe a mosquito bite.

In summer, if there is one unpleasant thing, it’s mosquitoes! Mosquitoes are everywhere and bite us without restraint! The effect is very frustrating since you then constantly scratch yourself.

These itches are annoying and that’s why it’s nice to get rid of them quickly. Here are some tips to relieve mosquito bites.

1. Use parsley against mosquito bites

When you get stung and it starts to scratch, rub your bite with fresh parsley. Then leave your mosquito bite uncovered for a good 45 minutes. Parsley will give you relief.

2. Use a cigarette against mosquito bites

And yes! You read correctly! When a mosquito bite begins to sting, bring a lit cigarette about 1 cm from it. When you feel a little tingling, immediately remove the cigarette. The latter will have stopped the product left by the mosquito.

3. Use an onion

Cut an onion in half and rub your mosquito bite with one half of the onion. Leave the onion for a few minutes at least. This is a good natural way to soothe itching.

4. Use blackcurrant leaves

Simply grind up a few blackcurrant leaves and apply them directly to the bite. Wait a few minutes. Very soon you will notice how much your itch disappears.

5. Use white vinegar

Apply a little white vinegar to a towel and apply the towel to your bite. Leave this compress on you for a few minutes and then remove it.

6. Use arnica gel to calm mosquito bites

Arnica gel is sold in pharmacies or in natural product shops. Apply a little of this gel on your bite to feel much better afterwards.

7. Use baking soda

Mix some baking soda with water and apply directly to your mosquito bites. This remedy will greatly calm and soothe your symptoms.

Baking soda is also effective in relieving bites from other insects including sand flea bites.

8. Use Heat to Relieve Mosquito Bites

Any form of heat is good for soothe itching due to a bite. For example, boil some water and soak a towel in it and apply it directly to your bite. Be careful of course to wait until the water is hot and not boiling to avoid the risk of burns.

9. Cortisone cream for an insect bite

As corticosteroid ointment against insect bites there is Cortate cream which is sold over the counter in pharmacies, ideal for quickly relieving a mosquito bite. This cream is excellent for calming the itching caused by bites.

Otherwise, any other cortisone-based product and cream is also good for soothing insect bites. Ask your pharmacist to be sure you are buying the best cream.

This cream is effective for larger insects too such as wasps for example! Here are some other tips: How to relieve a wasp sting?

10. Toothpaste and lemon on a mosquito bite

Apply a little toothpaste and lemon to your mosquito bite and let it act on the skin for a few minutes. The tingling should fade quickly. Another really very effective natural remedy for mosquito bites and other insects.

Finally, how about repelling or better killing mosquitoes to avoid bites? Here’s how: Tips to keep mosquitoes away.

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