Remedies for watery eyes

What to do against tearing?

Many people live with eyes that water and sting easily. Their eyes are more sensitive and therefore fatigue, light, visual concentration, temperature and the environment can easily irritate their eyes and thus cause them to run.

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you easily remedy the situation. 10 Tips therefore offers you some tips and remedies for watery eyes.

1. Avoid overstraining the eyes

It is important not to overwork your eyes on a daily basis. Easier said than done but yet it is very important to rest your eyes regularly to avoid tearing and dry eyes.

Eye strain is one of the common causes of watery eyes. So rest your eyes frequently to avoid getting tired, itchy, and runny eyes.

Avoid reading, being on the computer, looking at your phone, playing video games or watching TV for too long! If you have watery eyes especially in the evening, before going to bed, this is a good sign, your eyes need a rest.

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2. Avoid places that are too dry

If you often have dry, itchy and occasionally runny eyes, you absolutely must avoid places that are too dry. Indeed, you should not stay too long in closed and too dry rooms because you risk quickly having tears in your eye.

If necessary, use a humidifier which will make the air more humid and therefore less irritating to your eyes. The humidifier trick is very useful in winter when the air is very dry in the house. This will prevent dryness and therefore tearing and stinging of the eyes.

3. Eyes that cry in the sun

Do you ever get runny eyes when you’re outdoors, especially when it’s sunny? Some people have very sensitive eyes, this is the case of those with light eyes among others.

Indeed, as light eyes contain less pigment, they are much more sensitive to the sun and strong lights than dark eyes. It is therefore important to wear sunglasses to avoid having eyes that constantly watery when you are in the sun.

Be careful because an eye that weeps in the sun can also be caused by conjunctivitis or even retinal detachment.

4. Eyes that weep from the cold and the wind

Do you ever have your eyes that water or even run like water from the wind and cold? Cold is one of the common causes of watery eyes in many people.

In fact, the cold and wind amplifies watery eyes in people who already tend to have dry and occasionally runny eyes. It is often also a question of age because in older people tears are more difficult to evacuate than in younger people.

So before going out in the cold and in the wind, bring some tissue paper and why not some good sunglasses to keep your eyes cold.

5. Watery eyes after makeup

Of course, you can’t be told to stop wearing makeup, but it’s important to find the cause of runny eyes after makeup application. It is therefore important to ask yourself a few questions to find the real source of the problem:

  • Do your eyes water when you go outdoors only?
  • Do you have oily skin, even around the eyelids?
  • Do your eyes tingle once makeup is on?
  • Are your eyes watery and sensitive even without makeup?

Here are some tips and solutions to help you:

  • If your eyes are clear and sensitive all the time it might be worth taking makeup off for a few days to see if there is a difference or not.
  • Also if you have oily skin and makeup mixes with sebum it can attack and irritate your eye causing tearing. So why not apply a waterproof base to prevent the makeup from mixing and running around your eye.
  • Have you tried other eye makeup brands? Maybe you are allergic to certain products present in your make-up products.

6. A natural remedy for watery eyes to try!

As we know, watery eyes are often caused by dry eyes. It’s funny to say but to avoid having itchy and crying eyes you have to lubricate them!

So what is this natural and effective remedy for dry eyes… Simply blinking! To moisturize the eyes naturally and quickly, it is necessary to blink more regularly. So if you work all day in front of screens it’s all the more important to blink often.

Blinking quickly activates the lubrication of the eyes, thus preventing dry eyes.

7. Artificial tears

Another solution to avoid having dry and irritated eyes is the use of artificial tears. In fact it is a small liquid that is dropped into the eye in the form of drops. A single drop in each eye is enough provided you repeat several times a day.

It is a quick solution to relieve watery eyes. On the other hand, if the problem persists longer, it is better to find the real cause to solve this problem for good. Some drops can help you rebuild the tear film, ask a professional to buy the best product for your condition.

Be careful with the screens and the computer!

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8. Itchy eyes and runny nose… Allergies maybe?

Seasonal allergies can also be the cause of watery and itchy eyes in addition to a runny nose!

Pollen and hay allergies are both very uncomfortable for many people when spring arrives. Here are the main symptoms of these allergies:

  • Itchy and runny eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy throat
  • Sneeze
  • Cough and hoarse voice

Unfortunately there is no real natural cure for allergic rhinitis. To quickly relieve yourself and reduce runny nose and eyes, you can take antihistamines. These are the only medications that can truly relieve you during pollen and hay season.

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