Remedy for irritated and burning nose

What remedy for an irritated nose?

Having an irritated and burning nose from blowing your nose is not pleasant! But now, with the cold and winter knocking on our doors, we are not immune to runny noses, irritated noses and burning noses.

10 Tips offers you in this article tips, grandmother’s remedies as well as some good products to quickly relieve an irritated and red nose.

Remedies to relieve irritated and burning nose:

1. Shea butter for irritated nose contour

Do you ever have a runny nose and have to constantly blow your nose? To help moisturize and prevent the nose from becoming even more red, irritated and burning shea butter is definitely one of the best products to get.

In addition to being effective in treating irritated noses, shea butter is also effective:

  • as a lip balm (very effective in winter)
  • as an aftershave to soothe irritated skin
  • as a facial treatment to moisturize and protect
  • as an anti-stretch mark
  • as a body treatment to make the skin soft and smooth

For those who are interested, here is some top quality shea butter to buy online at the best price. Reading the positive reviews and comments, you will quickly understand that this is an excellent product for moisturizing the skin and therefore the irritated nose.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter

  • Relieves very dry skin
  • Repairs and hydrates the skin
  • For face, body and hair

If you are looking for tips to prevent the nose from always running, this article will please you: Runny nose like water, what to do?

2. Warm Water Compress to Relieve Burning Nose

Another thing to do quickly is to apply a compress of warm water under the nose and nostrils. A slightly cool dampness will go a long way in calming the burning and irritated feeling in the nose, at least for a few minutes.

The cold water will tighten the irritated tissues in your nose, which should help keep your nose much less irritated and red. After the cold water compress you can apply a little shea butter to heal it even faster.

Avoid the hot water compress because if the nose is very irritated you risk increasing the burning sensation even more, so be careful.

3. Above all, don’t blow your nose too much…

Ok I know you’re going to tell me that it’s hard not to blow your nose when your nose runs like water but you have to be careful. How would you like to relieve the contour of the irritated and burning nose if you spend all your time blowing your nose!?

It is better to wipe (with a damp cloth) the mucus that comes out of the nose than to blow your nose with a dry handkerchief which will only further irritate your nose which is already burning a lot. Of course, if you’re at work or school hard to let the mucus out without getting a disapproving look from your co-workers.

Also, why not buy very soft handkerchiefs with moisturizing properties. There are indeed tissues with vitamin E and even with sweet almond oil and or aloe vera, perfect for irritated noses like yours.

4. Apply lip balm to irritated nose

If lip balm is effective in protecting and healing dry, chapped lips then why not use it to protect the nose? Very effective on cold winter days, you can simply apply lip balm under and on the nose before going outside to play or take your walk.

Whether it is to relieve the already irritated and red nose or simply to protect it (in prevention), the lip balm trick is very effective.

If you don’t have lip balm on hand then just use a moisturizing cream or lotion. Just apply a small layer to the nose and below the nostrils where the skin is very red and irritated. You will quickly feel better.

5. A recipe against redness under the nose

When you have a very irritated nose that burns, you often also have a red nose and nostrils. Fortunately there are some solutions to reduce the redness of the nose.

So here is an effective grandmother’s remedy for irritated and red nose.

You need the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon powdered oats
  • 1 tablespoon plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture on and under the nose for 15 minutes and rinse.

You can then apply a moisturizing balm or even shea butter to help treat the irritation that is causing this redness.

6. A little Vaseline on the irritated nose

Vaseline is a product still widely used in our homes and one of its characteristics is to help moisturize and protect the skin.

So why not apply a small amount of Vaseline to the nostrils and nose, in short wherever there is irritation and redness.

With this product you should see after a few hours or a few days at most a good difference in terms of redness and irritation. But if you prefer a natural product then perhaps shea butter is a better choice as an ointment to heal and soothe an irritated nose.

7. A humidifier to help with stuffy noses

If you have a stuffy nose because of a bad cold, you risk blowing your nose often and therefore having an increasingly irritated nose.

What could be more unpleasant than having the sensation of sliding in the nose or worse having a completely congested nose. Small or large, buying a humidifier is an excellent tip to quickly feel better this winter and throughout the year.

It is important to favor the purchase of a cold mist humidifier because the reverse, although more comfortable, is a real bacteria machine.

Here is a model of humidifier operating with cold steam ideal for young and old at home:

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