Remove cat hair, 10 easy tips!

How to remove cat hair?

Having pets is really fun for all children and parents. But it’s much less so when tons of hairs are spreading all over the house. These cat hairs stick on our clothes and even worse, on those of the guests.

Also, one has the impression of breathing less well and respiratory disorders can even occur. 10 Tips offers you tips and gadgets to remove pet hair in the house.

1. Remove cat hair with a dishcloth

If you don’t want to spend money on a cat hair remover, then a dish mitt might be a great trick for you.

To remove pet hair from a rug, sofa, or garment, simply put on dishcloths and scrub the surfaces with the palm of your hand. Cat hair, but also dog and rabbit hair will stick to the gloves and will no longer be on your fabric surfaces.

2. Adhesive brush for removing pet hair

It is a kind of roller with a handle on which there is an adhesive paper that retains cat hair. Pass the roller over your armchairs, carpets or clothes to remove the hair of your cat, dog, rabbit, in short of your pet. You will find several models of adhesive brushes to quickly remove hair and dust from your fabric furniture.

We can be tempted by the more expensive models of adhesive brushes but in reality the quality remains similar from one model to another. 10 Tips offers you below a set of 20 adhesive brushes at the best price!

anti-hair adhesive brush

anti-hair adhesive brush

  • 60 adhesive sheets per roll
  • Can be used on all types of fabrics
  • For removing hair from furniture, clothing, floors and cushions
  • TOP quality price

3. An electrostatic brush against the bristles

These brushes, which are made of plastic, are used to remove hairs that are stuck to textile surfaces. Simply run the brush over your clothes always using the same direction and your cat’s hair will be gone quickly.

The textile brush can be useful for removing hair, hair and dust from clothes, but also from other types of textile surfaces such as sofas and carpets for example. No need to spend a lot, here is a quality textile brush that is effective against hair and hair:

textile brush

textile brush

  • Cleans all types of textiles and fabrics
  • Removes hair, lint, hair and dust
  • Double-sided brushing
  • TOP quality price

4. A damp cloth to remove hair

remove cat hair with a sponge

A super simple trick to quickly remove cat and dog hair from a sofa is to simply use a damp cloth.

Simply take a damp cloth and rub it over the fabric to remove your cat’s or dog’s hair. You will probably have to go through the laundry a few times to remove everything. A free, simple and really effective trick against pet hair.

A sponge can also do the trick!

If you have a sponge handy you can also use it to quickly remove cat hair. Simply wet the sponge and make circular motions on the garment to remove your pet’s hair. Simple and quick as a tip.

In addition to cat hair, other dirt and stains can appear on your sofa: How to remove stains from a fabric sofa?

5. Heavy tape against pet hair

A bit like how an adhesive roller works, a large adhesive tape can very well be used to remove cat hair from clothing or a fabric sofa, for example.

Wrap large adhesive tape around your hand and dab your garment very hard with it to make cat and dog hair stick to it.

It is important to tap and not rub the surface because you risk making the situation worse and making it even more difficult to clean the hairs in addition to damaging your garment. So be careful with this trick!

If you want to be sure not to damage your garment then prefer an anti hair adhesive roller as presented a little higher on this page. Or, here is a set of brushes including an adhesive brush, a velvet brush and another brush for wool.

Set of 3 textile brushes

Set of 3 textile brushes

  • Adhesive brush 5 meters long, 36 pre-cut sheets
  • Velvet brush with two-way operation, suitable for removing body hair,…
  • brush for wool, velcro is specially designed to remove knots from clothes in…
  • Perfect for removing pet hair. – 100% made in Italy.


  • TOP quality price
  •  » ]

    6. Do ironing as an anti-cat hair tip

    Have you just noticed the presence of cat hair on your clean shirt or pants? The duct tape trick should definitely be avoided because you risk damaging the fabric of your clean clothes.

    The best anti-hair and anti-lint trick on your shirts and pants is to iron them. So iron your clothes to make the hairs on the fabric wetter and therefore easier to remove. You will be able to easily remove the hair with your fingers once the ironing of the shirt is finished.

    7. Magic recipe against cat hair

    To make this homemade recipe you need to fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and fabric softener. After doing a test, spray the mixture all over the surface, for example on your sofa and then rub with an antistatic cloth.

    A great way to easily pick up all cat and dog hair in addition to giving off a nice fresh smell in the house. Simple, fast and effective, a tip as we like them!

    8. Use used pantyhose

    Sticky stockings are another homemade trick you can use to quickly remove your pet’s hair from fabrics.

    Simply take a used pantyhose and rub your fabric surfaces with it to remove the hair of your little animals more easily. A little free trick that works well for removing hair on the sofa but also for removing hair, lint and other dirt.

    9. Brush your cat’s hair

    If you get into the habit of brushing your cat’s or dog’s hair well, he is less likely to lose hair. So rather than removing hair from your clothes, floors and furniture, simply brush your pet regularly.

    It is important to brush your cat regularly to also avoid hairballs! Come and read our tips and tricks on this subject: Cat hair ball, natural solution.

    After several tests and opinions from our visitors, here is a soft brush to brush your cat or dog. This brush is perfect for short-haired and long-haired cats, and the same for dogs.

    Soft brush for cats and dogs

    Soft brush for cats and dogs

    • Pet brush with long and short bristles
    • Soft brush loved by cats and kittens
    • Helps untie knots easily
    • Helps remove dead hair and leaves the coat silky and shiny

    You can find grooming gloves for dogs and cats online, but after several tests, we advise you not to buy them. Although attractive at first sight, this product is much less effective than a real cat brush.

    10. Vacuum the whole house!

    Of course how do you remove cat and dog hair if you don’t get into the habit of vacuuming!?

    The vacuum cleaner thanks to the different tips available can very well be used to remove cat hair on the floor but also on the sofa and even on certain clothes.

    If in addition to cat hair you find that there is too much dust in the house then this article will please you: How to remove dust?

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