Remove dust from furniture

How to remove dust from furniture? Dust is never welcome in a home. Not only does it make our house unclean, but in addition, dust causes allergens.

10-Trucs presents below tips and tricks for removing dust from furniture, plants, tiles and other surfaces. Happy dusting!

1. Remove dust from wooden furniture

To effectively remove dust from wooden furniture, the best solution is a microfiber cloth.

Indeed pass a microfiber cloth on the wooden furniture to trap and remove all the dust easily. This trick is ideal for varnished wooden furniture.

Once the dust has been removed, clean the varnished wood with soapy water and dry with another microfiber cloth to make the wooden furniture shine.

2. Remove dust from walls and ceilings

Over time, dust forms and settles all over the house, even on walls and ceilings.

As the dust is very light, it is important to trap it effectively, otherwise it risks being deposited elsewhere and everything has to be started over.

Here’s how to properly dust the walls:

  • Mix some liquid dish soap with cold water in the sink.
  • Soak a microfiber cloth in the solution and attach the soaked cloth to the swiffer type broom.
  • Wash all the walls and ceilings with the broom and the cloth (rinse and change the microfiber cloth regularly).

3. Remove dust from plants

As we said earlier in this article, dust settles everywhere, even on indoor plants.

It is very important to dust green plants because dust can block plant respiration and prevent chlorophyll from forming.

So here’s how to clean the dust off the leaves:

  • 1st option: Clean each of the leaves of the plant with a soft, damp cloth (only water).
  • 2nd option: Shower your green plants with lukewarm cold water about once a season.
  • 3rd option: Take the plants outside on a rainy day and leave them outside until they are completely dry.

You can also spray a mixture of water with a little beer to give the foliage of the plants a shine.

4. Remove dust from a blind

If you are looking for a quick tip to remove dust from blind slats then 2 solutions for you:

Use a hair dryer to dust:

If you want to quickly and easily remove dust from the blinds in the house, use a hair dryer. Simply set the air of the hair dryer to cold (so as not to damage the slats with too hot air) and pass it near the slats to remove all the dust.

Using a microfiber cloth to clean a blind:

To dust each of the slats of a blind, the microfiber cloth is an excellent product to have at home. Simply clean each of the slats with the dry cloth to trap the dust.

For other cleaning tips and tricks for home blinds, here is an article to discover: Clean a blind day night.

5. Vacuum cleaner, brooms and mop

To avoid having ever more dust and dirt in the house it is important to regularly clean the floor and other surfaces.

Use the vacuum cleaner:

Make a habit of vacuuming all hardwood floors, carpets and other floors in the house. Don’t forget to change the vacuum bag to avoid ending up with even more dust in the air.

Use the broom:

If you only have a small area to sweep and clean, using a broom can do just fine.

Finish with a mop or a Swiffer-type broom:

Once the “big” dust has been removed with the broom and the vacuum cleaner, the floor is mopped to clean the entire floor.

6. Shake carpets and rugs against dust

Even if you vacuum the carpets and rugs in the house, there will always be dust and other dirt embedded in it.

So if you have time, shake out carpets, rugs and even sofa cushions as often as possible.

Take a piece of wood or a broomstick and knock on all the surfaces of the cushions and carpets.

7. Mixture of grease and dust in the kitchen

As food cooks in the kitchen, dust becomes much more difficult to clean due to greasy particles in the air.

If the tops of your cupboards are very dirty, dusty and greasy, we have a recipe to help you clean it all up.

  • Pour hot water into a container.
  • Add Marseille soap and black soap.
  • Clean cabinet tops with a rag or sponge.

Once the top of the cabinets is completely dry, apply parchment paper to avoid dust and grease deposits. It will be much easier to clean next time.

Have you ever cleaned your computer keyboard? Over time dust, food crumbs and other dirt can become trapped inside the keyboard.

Use a canister of compressed air:

The best trick to remove all the dust trapped between the keys of the keyboard is to use a can of compressed air. Just blow the air between the keys to dislodge all the dust and other dirt that is there.

You can also use this product to dust other electronic devices or hard-to-reach places with a cloth.

Do you like to make recipes and home remedies? Below is an easy to make dust remover recipe:

  • Pour one liter of cold water into a spray bottle.
  • Then add 1 teaspoon of liquid black soap.
  • Add 5 drops of lemon essential oil.

You can also add a little linseed oil to this dust remover. Linseed oil is excellent for wood.

10. Prevent dust from settling on furniture

If you are tired of always having to dust the furniture in the house, I have another anti-dust recipe for you!

Mix the following ingredients equally:

  • Linseed oil (or other vegetable oil)
  • White vinegar
  • Turpentine

This recipe allows you to clean, nourish the wood and protect the furniture against dust at the same time.

Ready for the rest of the household?

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