Remove hiccups: natural and effective remedy

How to remove hiccups?

Hiccups often come without warning. All kinds of causes can be linked to hiccups such as a meal eaten too quickly, too much air or even carbonated drinks. All these factors stimulate the nerves in the stomach and that is why we get hiccups.

Are hiccups making your life hard? 10-Trucs offers you our tips and remedies for hiccups below!

1. Hold your breath to stop the hiccups

A first anti-hiccup tip is to control or rather hold your breath. So to stop the hiccups just hold your breath for a few seconds (being careful of course).

It’s a quick and easy way to quickly get rid of hiccups. If you have trouble holding your breath for long seconds then skip ahead to the other remedies and tips below.

2. Exhale Slowly… Even Slower

As it is necessary to increase the CO2 in the lungs to prevent or rather to stop hiccups it is important to breathe well. So rather than holding your breath like the previous tip, simply exhale more slowly.

So when you get the air out of your mouth and lungs, take it slower. You will probably be able to make your hiccups go away with these deep, slow breaths.

Using a brown bag to breathe:

Let’s continue with breathing but this time you will use a brown bag to breathe. You know the brown bag that is sometimes used to control and quickly reduce hyperventilation. A few breaths in a brown bag should be enough to remove the hiccups.

3. Lie on your stomach for hiccups

Certain positions can help you stop hiccups quickly. Lying on your stomach is one of the positions to try if you have hiccups right now.

Just lie on your stomach and take deep breaths. The hiccups should completely disappear in about 1-2 minutes.

If the hiccups persist, we have another position that could help you stop it once and for all. Here’s how:

  • Lie on your back on the bed or on the floor
  • Raise the legs to belly level and hold them in place
  • Lean forward and hold the position for 30 seconds
  • Start again if the hiccups are still there

4. Drink a large glass of water with a spoon

A grandmother’s remedy for hiccups consists of drinking a large glass of cold water in which you place a small spoon. It is important that the metal of the spoon remains in contact with the water when you drink the water.

You can use a knife, fork or other utensil, the important thing is that it is metal and remains in contact with the water.

Drink water upside down

Let’s continue with the glass of water but this time you will drink upside down! Yes yes, drinking water upside down is a grandma trick that seems to work really well for getting rid of hiccups fast. Are you going to try this trick?

5. Snack on dry bread as an anti-hiccup

Don’t throw away your dry bread, use it instead to pass the hiccups. ? Indeed eating dry bread will stimulate your palate and help you get rid of hiccups.

Dry bread is truly an excellent, free natural remedy for hiccups. To test!

6. Startle to stop hiccups fast!

Your friend has hiccups and you want to help him get rid of them quickly? Why not scare him, startle him?

Indeed, startling a person who has hiccups is an excellent trick to quickly stop this famous hiccup.

So what are you waiting for to practice your best scare tricks on this person? ?

7. Get tickled for hiccups

Much like the previous trick which consists of removing your friend’s hiccups, know that you can also tickle him. If you don’t like to scare and startle people then tickle them instead!

And yes, indeed, being tickled is a good way to say bye bye to hiccups. ?

8. Putting sugar on his tongue

Another home remedy to get rid of hiccups quickly is to place a sugar cube on your tongue. Then just wait for the sugar cube to completely melt on your tongue.

I don’t know if it really works but many of our visitors seem to say it does… It costs nothing to try as they say!

Rub the palate to stop hiccups

Let’s continue with another trick that takes place in the mouth. With your finger gently rub your palate.

It seems that it really works against hiccups… But I have a little doubt and you?

9. Ice for hiccups

Ice can be used as a natural remedy for hiccups. Discover below 2 anti-hiccup tips to do with ice cubes.

Place an ice pack on the diaphragm

Place an ice pack on your diaphragm and leave in place for a few minutes. This is a great trick to quickly get rid of hiccups.

Place ice on Adam’s apple

Now put an ice pack on your Adam’s apple and you will see your hiccups disappear next.

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