Remove mold from walls and wallpaper

How to remove mold stains from the walls?

Obviously, it is hardly interesting to note the appearance of ugly spots of mold on our walls. First, it’s bad for your health, and second, it doesn’t give the appearance of a clean house, even though it has nothing to do with cleanliness.

10 Tips so offers you today tips and products to quickly remove damp spots and mold from walls.

1. Mold on a wall and bleach

Bleach is undoubtedly one of the best tricks to quickly clean mold from a wall. But as it is a very powerful cleaning product, it is important to be very careful when cleaning with bleach around the house.

  • Mix bleach with water (1/3 water).
  • Spray the solution on the mold.
  • Scrub the mold stain with a brush or cloth.
  • Repeat if mold is still present after initial cleaning attempt.
  • Dry the surface well so as not to create other moulds.

If you have mold stains on wallpaper, you shouldn’t use this bleach trick to remove them. The bleach being very powerful it risks discoloring and damaging the tapestry.

Why not an anti-mold product?

If you are looking for an effective anti-mold product to prevent mold on a painted wall or a wall with wallpaper, we have the ideal product for you. This product is an effective treatment for damp walls in the home.

Wall treatment, anti mold

Wall treatment, anti mold

  • Product to treat damp interior walls
  • Anti-mould, anti-humidity and anti-saltpetre
  • Can be used with wallpaper and paint

2. Remove mold from wallpaper

Have you just noticed the presence of damp and mold stains on the wallpaper in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house? So here comes the question, what should we do to clean mold stains from upholstery?

To start cleaning the mold you must be sure that the wallpaper is washable. Then simply use a dry cloth to vigorously rub the mold to succeed in dislodging as much as possible. Then you have to slightly wet a cloth to rub new mold stains on the wallpaper.

Is the mold well embedded in the wallpaper?

If mold is difficult to clean then here is a homemade recipe to quickly remove it from the upholstery. You need to:

  • 1/4 cup baking soda.
  • 1 cup hot water.
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar.

Once all the secret ingredients of the anti mold recipe are well mixed, just rub the stains with a cloth or sponge. Don’t forget to dry the wallpaper well after cleaning so as not to leave the upholstery damp and thus create further mould.

Whether it’s to concoct this anti-mold recipe or to make a homemade multi-surface cleaner, you need baking soda. Here are some available here at the best price:

Baking soda

Baking soda

  • Cleans and descales everything in the house
  • Helps eliminate mold
  • Effectively neutralizes odors

3. Apply anti-mold paint to the walls

If you do not want to have mold on the walls of the bathroom or the laundry room, you must of course apply a special anti-mold paint.

This paint is ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, basement, in short, for all damp rooms in the house. This paint offers a washable finish and above all it is very resistant to moisture stains and therefore to mould.

You can easily find this type of bathroom and kitchen paint at hardware stores and even online at many DIY and DIY websites.

Here is another article to read about it: Clean mold from bathroom walls.

4. Prevent mold with a dehumidifier

Prevention is very important when it comes to mold in a home. Whether on the walls or elsewhere in the house, it is very important to control humidity to avoid the formation of mold.

To avoid mold, you have to be careful with humidity. Here are some other tips and tricks on this: How to remove humidity in a house?

If you are looking for a high-performance dehumidifier model with the best value for money, we have what you need! Here is a very quiet model that allows the excess humidity to be evacuated in the reservoir tank or directly outside with the direct evacuation.

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

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    5. Remove mold with tomatoes?

    A homemade trick to remove mold from a wall is to use tomatoes… yes yes tomatoes! Be careful though not to stain your wall with the tomato juice. The tomato trick must be done on a wall with washable paint, otherwise you will remove the mold but risk staining the wall with the tomato juice, so be careful!

    • Take a tomato and cut it in half.
    • Rub the mold with the sliced ​​part of the tomato.
    • Sprinkle a little salt on the stain and let it work.
    • Clean with a damp cloth to finish.

    A tomato to remove mold from the walls

    6. Remove mold from a painted wood wall

    Do you have a wooden or paneled wall at home that you need to clean? Removing mold stains from wood is possible provided you know how if you take it of course.

    • Mix hot water with white vinegar
    • Use a soft brush or cloth to scrub the stain
    • Repeat as needed if mold persists after initial cleaning

    If you really want to quickly remove mold from a wooden wall, then instead of adding vinegar to hot water, opt for a little ammonia.

    Ah yes I forgot, no need to buy household vinegar sold in stores or online, white vinegar is very good for this type of cleaning.

    7. Remove mold from walls with hydrogen peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide needs no introduction when it comes to chores around the house. Mixed or not with water, this ingredient works miracles, even for cleaning mold stains on the walls.

    • Mix an equal part of hydrogen peroxide and water
    • Spray the mixture on the mildew spots
    • Leave to act on the wall and rub gently with a cloth or sponge
    • Rinse with a clean cloth and lukewarm water

    It is not recommended to test this stuff with hydrogen peroxide (or if you prefer hydrogen peroxide) on wallpaper because it could discolor. Same thing for non-washable paint.

    If you want to prevent mold in the cellar, you must necessarily control the humidity. This article is worth reading: Remove humidity in the basement.

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