Removing bleach stains from clothing

How to recover a bleach stain on fabric? Bleach is a product that is still very and perhaps even overused still in our house. A bleach stain is really hard to remove!

Here are some tips and tricks to help remove or rather recover a garment or fabric stained with bleach. Happy cleaning!

1. Act fast to clean bleach-stained clothing

A very small drop of bleach dropped and forgotten on a garment may damage it and permanently stain it.

It is very important to act quickly, very quickly to clean the bleach, otherwise it will no longer be possible to remove the stain and recover the garment.

For a white garment:

  • If you have just spilled a little bleach on a white garment, simply rinse it quickly with lukewarm water.

For a colored garment:

  • Dab the bleach stain with a cloth and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and finish with a machine wash.

This trick is useful if it is a cotton, wool or synthetic garment.

2. Remove a bleach stain from jeans

Last year I stained my favorite jeans with bleach and unfortunately I didn’t know how to get them back! But now yes!

Here’s how to remove a bleach stain from jeans:

  • Soak a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and rub the bleach stain.
  • Rinse the jeans and repeat again, rubbing vigorously at and around the stain.
  • Machine wash jeans with special dye for jeans.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions indicated on the dye box so as not to further damage the jeans.

3. Other bleach-stained fabrics and clothing

For other clothes and fabrics other than wool, cotton, and synthetics, here’s how to remove a bleach stain effectively.

For a leather garment:

  • Quickly remove the bleach that has fallen on the leather with a paper towel (soak the bleach without rubbing).
  • Apply a wax of the same color of the leather to properly recover the garment.

For a velvet garment or shoes:

  • Gently rub the velvet with sandpaper or a fine sanding block.

And now for a silk garment?

Unfortunately, if the bleach-stained garment is made of silk, it may be unrecoverable.

Although the white garment is easier to clean, if the bleach stain is old and you have just noticed it, you are going to have to bleach it to recover it!

A bleach stain forgotten on a garment may turn into a yellowish or grayish stain depending on the fabric. So here’s how to bleach your white clothes:

  • Soak the white garment in a solution of bleach and cold water.
  • Spin the garment and wash it in the washing machine, adding a whitening product.

To whiten a garment, use a dosage of 1 liter of bleach for 5 liters of cold water.

Other tips for whitening a garment:

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