Removing wall and floor tiles, but what tool do you have?

How to remove wall or floor tiles?

Whether for renovation work in the kitchen or in the bathroom, removing a tile is not always as easy as you would like to believe.

However, there are tips and products to help you take off and remove tiles more easily. 10 Tips therefore offers you today the top tips and tools for removing tiles at home. Happy renovation, friends!

1. Remove the tile joint, with which tool?

To successfully remove a single tile, you must of course remove the tile joint around it. The main challenge is not to damage the other tiling tiles that are all around the tile to be removed. Although the multi-tool can be useful for this type of work, the drill remains the best tool for removing a tile joint.

What to use to remove the grout around the tile?

To remove the grout around the tile to be replaced you need:

  • A drill
  • A tile drill bit
  • A hammer
  • A chisel

Tool for removing tile grout

Drill holes in tile joints

Then you have to drill small holes all around the tile you want to remove. The holes must be made directly in the tile joint and glued as much as possible to the damaged tile precisely so as not to damage the other tiles.

hammer and chisel

Then you must use a desk to completely remove the tile grout. Go carefully so as not to catch the other tiles around. It is best to use a fairly fine chisel depending on the width of your tile joint.

If you don’t have chisels at home here is a set of 3 chisels of good quality and above all offered at an excellent price right here:

3 tile chisels

3 tile chisels

  • Ideal for wall and floor tiles
  • For use on concrete and tile
  • 1 wide chisel, 1 flat and 1 pointed
  • TOP quality price

Here is a short video (sorry for the image and sound quality) which shows very well how to make the holes and manually remove the tiling joint between the tiles.

2. Remove damaged tiles

Now that the tile joint is completely up, you can proceed and remove the tile that you need to change.

Drill a hole in the middle of the tile

To start, you must drill a hole in the middle of the tile to be removed using a drill and your tile drill bit. It is important to wear safety glasses to avoid splinters.

Then take a chisel and tap with your hammer to break the tiles. Do not hesitate to give strong hammer blows especially if you have to remove a porcelain tile which is usually very resistant.

To finalize the whole thing, the chisel should be the right tool as well as your hammer of course. If you need to remove multiple tiles then using a large chisel is more appropriate for this task.

Before drilling a hole in the ceramic tile it is important to have a bit specially designed for the tiles. If you don’t have one then here it is right here:

3. Remove tiles with a multi-tool

It is also possible to use a multi-tool with a specially designed accessory kit for unjointing wall and floor tiles. Above all, this tool greatly speeds up the time needed to remove tiles in the bathroom and elsewhere in the house. Of course you can also use this tool for a multitude of home improvement tasks.

Here is the tool in question and a little further down a set of 4 pieces to remove tile joints as well as glue and mortar. Ideal for easy peeling and removal from tiles.

Don’t forget also the accessory kit to help you with the joint removal of tiles but also to help you remove the glue and mortar below the ceramic tiles. The perfect kit to have with your multi-tool in your workshop.

4 tiling accessories

4 tiling accessories

  • Multi-Tool Tile Parts Set
  • Ideal for grouting tiles
  • Helps remove glue and mortar
  • For floor and wall tiles

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