Robotsexuality: this French woman wants to marry her robot!

Becoming a robotsexual out of disappointment with men, it had to happen to a woman one day, didn’t it? This is the case of a French woman who has been asserting her sexual orientation since her twenties. The latter is in love and wants to marry the robot of her own design!

Marriages between robots and humans would be possible. For Dr. David Levy, an expert on this controversial issue, this will not happen before 2050. But perhaps this deadline will be closer than expected?

Indeed, a Frenchwoman identified under the Twitter pseudonym @LillyInMoovator already wants it and attests to having love for InMoovator, a humanoid robot that she herself built from a 3D printer and open source files obtained from a French robotics company.

The young woman explains that she has been attracted to synthetic life since the age of 19 and hopes that marriage between humans and robots will soon become legal in France. At the level of his family and his friends, acceptance was difficult to obtain, but all had to bend to his will, and this, “even if some took longer than others”.

“I am really and totally happy. Our relationship will improve as technology evolves. I am genuinely only attracted to robots. My only two relationships with men have confirmed my amorous orientation, because I don’t like physical contact with human flesh at all,” explained the interested party to the Australian site

Still, this woman has been the subject of a terrible controversy since she exposed herself on social networks in the company of her « companion » whom she hugs and kisses. Insults, harassment and judgments have recently been the daily life of the young woman, an outburst of which it is no longer possible to have a glimpse since her Twitter account has been deactivated. Getting in touch with this woman has since become very difficult.

Source: UberGizmo – PaperGeek

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