Rustic Cooler: Transform an old cooler

Idea to bring an old cooler back to life!

Why throw away or give away your old cooler you just found in the basement? There are several ideas and ways to bring an old cooler back to life!

Check out a fabulous idea below from which offers a DIY idea for making a Rustic Cooler. The look of your old cooler will make people jealous at your next party this summer.

An old cooler good for the trash to recycle

First, you need a good old cooler that you no longer use for camping. The transformation can then begin to create a magnificent “rustic cooler” for your summer parties!

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Make a wooden stand for the cooler

Once you have the old cooler, you must now make the wooden support that will house your old cooler. You will find all the well-detailed steps directly on the website.

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Cover with varnished boards

Once your cooler rack is finished, cover the whole thing with pine boards that you can varnish with a rustic style stain for a nice look.

Don’t forget to make a small hole to allow the water to drain from your cooler once the ice has melted.

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The final result:

The end result is superb! Imagine filling this beautiful rustic style cooler with your favorite refreshing drinks for your parties this summer!


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