Samsung’s latest project: A watch to turn the hand into a virtual screen

Samsung continues to innovate, the South Korean giant has filed a patent for a connected watch that projects a virtual keyboard on the back of the hand. A revolutionary project that would surpass all small screen connected watches.

Indeed, the connected watches of the moment do not meet the expected success, in particular because of their small size which makes it difficult to use the various features offered. All the owners testify to this, beyond the simple fact of pressing the screen of the watch during a call to pick up, write an email, browse the internet or even answer a text message is really complicated.

Samsung engineers, aware of the problem, have therefore decided to look for a solution to remedy this difficulty of use. It was therefore on May 5 that the South Korean firm filed a patent for a prototype connected watch equipped with a projector, allowing a keyboard to be projected onto the user’s hand or any other surface. for example or even the watch screen in a magnified way. This would therefore offer the possibility of displaying images or operating new applications such as the extended use of a GPS function for example.

Source: cnetfrance

On the patent filed by Samsung, illustrations lead us to believe that the watch can be used as a real projector and therefore project any information on the surfaces targeted by the user’s hand. The connected watch would therefore make it possible to remotely control many devices such as a television, a home cinema, or even a door equipped with an electronic lock.

Samsung has not yet communicated about this project and the patent does not provide more information on the marketing of such a product, but the ideas remain numerous and truly innovative.

Source: metro news

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