Science-Fiction: this short film plunges us into a future where space is within reach

The short film is an exercise whose approach is often very different from the film in the classic format. The resulting result is very often surprising and this is precisely the case for this fascinating short film!

Like many other works, this creation will be presented at the next Independent Festival of Creative Communication (IFCC) which will take place in Croatia from May 29 to June 3, 2017. This festival is dedicated to independents of cinema and video games.

The short in question was created by designer and 3D artist Sava Zivkovic, originally from Serbia. Accompanied by his team, this graduate of the University of Arts in Belgrade and passionate about animated films multiplies the projects.

The least we can say is that the film, which lasts about six minutes, is puzzling. Rather dark, the latter depicts a solitary space traveler multiplying the areas explored in search of something unknown for the viewer, but not for the hero. At first glance, the story takes place in a future where flying vehicles seem to be the norm on Earth and humanity seems to have reached a very high technological level as evidenced by the ship in which the hero travels or the way in which the latter moves: by « switching » from planet to planet, the latter also offering magnificent landscapes.

On the Behance page dedicated to his latest creation, the interested party explains:

« Still with a science fiction focus, we made the decision to avoid images of space and instead use interdimensional travel for our exploration, which allowed us to focus solely on the landscape. .

Because the storyline of our hero’s journey is cyclical, we used circular imagery throughout the film, as depicted in the alien artifact our character seeks, the ship interface, and the hangar platform, it serves as the last transition between the ordinary world and the extraordinary world. »

At the end of the short film, the viewer asks himself many questions, the first being unquestionably: “What is this extraterrestrial interface? »

Here is the short film that will be presented at the next Independent Festival of Creative Communication (IFCC):

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