Scientists have determined what criteria determine the « beauty » of a penis in the eyes of a woman

Researchers from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) carried out a study with a hundred women in order to determine which characteristics of the penis were most important to them. Undoubtedly, the results obtained will reassure more than one man…

Gentlemen, if you ever wondered if the appearance of your penis corresponded to the expectations of the fairer sex, science comes today to help you find the answer. Indeed, as part of a larger study on a malformation of the male genitalia, researchers at the University of Zürich tested women to find out how they perceived different penises.

This malformation, called hypospadias, is characterized by a bad location of the urinary meatus which, instead of being normally placed at the tip of the glans, is found on the front of the penis. Although this malformation is operable, the patient may remain relatively complexed by the appearance of his penis. It is therefore in an attempt to assess how women perceived these surgically corrected penises that Swiss researchers decided to conduct a study, the results of which have just been published in the journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

To do this, the scientists showed 105 women, aged 16 to 45, different photos of males who had or had not been operated on for hypospadias. On each penis image, the participants had to, according to the degree of importance they held in their eyes, note eight different aspects: general aesthetics, appearance of pubic hair, penis skin, circumference, the shape of the glans, the length of the penis, the scrotum, and finally the position and shape of the urinary meatus.

Good news for people with complex about the size of their penis or who would be affected by hypospadias, the results of the study showed that the length of the penis, the position and the shape of the urinary meatus, as well as the appearance of the scrotum were the criteria considered to be the least important. Conversely, the fairer sex would pay particular attention to the general aesthetics of the penis, hair and skin.

Thus, even if, by the researchers’ own admission, this study does not present great statistical value given the small number of participants, these results nevertheless make it possible to formulate the hypothesis that the penises having undergone an intervention aimed at correcting the position of the meatus are perceived as fairly normal by women. “We suggest that patients and their parents take note of these results to prevent any shame”, thus declared the researchers, relayed by the site 20minutes. In addition, for the rest of the male population asking questions about the appearance of their penis, the conclusions of this study will, no doubt, reassure more than one…

Source: The Journal of sexual medicine, 20minutes

– Drawing : iStockphoto

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