Scratching cat: How to stop it from scratching

How to prevent your cat from scratching the sofa and the furniture?

Cats are adorable, but they are much less so when they bite or scratch people and furniture around the house. Since it is out of the question to live without them, we must therefore find solutions to prevent cats from scratching and biting.

10 Tips therefore offers you the best tips and tricks but also the top of the best products to prevent a cat from scratching furniture or worse, guests!

Tips and tricks for a scratching cat:

1. A cat scratching post that scratches everywhere!

How to prevent your cat from clawing and scratching your sofa and furniture in the house? The cat scratching post is the best product to get to protect your furniture from the merciless claws of your pet!

It’s possible to make a scratching post at home with a few basic tools and materials, but if you’re looking for a quality scratching post at a low price, we’ve got you covered!

Here is an excellent scratching post so that your cat can have fun clawing and scratching as he sees fit. It is available in different forms and it is above all one of the best choices among our visitors and Internet users.

cat scratching post

cat scratching post

  • Scratching post with catnip
  • Corrugated surface to scratch
  • Ideal for protecting furniture
  • TOP quality price

If you don’t really like the look of this scratching post, know that there are also models of cat scratching posts in the form of mats, quite simply. With this type of scratching mat your cat will be able to have fun scratching as it sees fit and your sofa will feel much better and so will you! ?

Scratching mat

Scratching mat

  • Quality scratching mat
  • Made of durable materials
  • Ideal for cats that scratch a lot

2. A cat tree to amuse your pet

To continue a little in the same line as the previous product thecat tree is also an excellent way to amuse your cat and prevent it from scratching the furniture in the house.

On the other hand, it is important to make the best choice possible because not all cat trees are of quality and long-term resistant, let’s say. So if you’re shopping online, take the time to read reviews and comments before buying a cat tree. To help you make the right choice quickly, here is a very popular model that is appreciated by buyers:

Cat tree

Cat tree

  • Quality cat tree with sturdy materials
  • For entertainment and rest
  • With hammock corner and niche

3. Do not play with your hands with a cat

We have all already played with a cat with its hands to make it move or simply to annoy it a little. Unfortunately it’s the worst thing to do than to play with his hands with his cat because he may want to bite and scratch at the same time!

Indeed, if you use your fingers and hands to play with your cat, he will think that they are toys and he will tend to scratch them. What could be worse than a cat scratching its master or worse the guests at home. It is better to make or buy a small toy with a rope to amuse your pet.

prevent your cat from scratching with a cat toy

4. Double-sided sticky paper for scratching cats!

A great trick to keep a cat from scratching the arms of your sofa or favorite chair is to use double-sided tape. On the aesthetic side, this is not the best thing, but it is an excellent way to repel the cat and thus prevent it from scratching the fabric arms of your sofa in the living room.

Don’t forget to change the double-sided tape from time to time because over time it will lose its effectiveness and your cat may start scratching your sofa again.

double-sided tape to prevent your cat from scratching

5. Repellent to prevent your cat from scratching!

If you like to concoct your own homemade recipes then here is an easy one to make to prevent your cat from scratching the arms of the sofa and the armchair. Here’s how:

  • Add 1 cup of water to a spray bottle
  • Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Add 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • Add a teaspoon of black pepper

All you have to do is spray the mixture on the sofa and more specifically on the arms of the sofa or other places where the cat likes to claw and scratch in the house. Repeat a few times for the first few days to prevent the cat from scratching the couch once and for all.

So whether it is to carry out this anti-scratch trick or for your uses in aromatherapy, here is a set of 8 essential oils of excellent quality and above all at a low price.

6. Stop playing with your cat and leave

Does your cat scratch you occasionally? If your cat scratches you while playing, stop playing immediately and say NO in a dry, authoritative tone. Then leave ignoring it.

Each time your cat starts scratching or worse biting you, repeat this maneuver so that your cat stops this unacceptable behavior once and for all. After a few days you should already see a difference when playing with your pet.

7. Cut your cat’s claws

Of course if you want to control the damage in the house caused by your cat’s claws why not cut and trim its claws? It is not a question here of making him remove the claws but of cutting them to avoid or rather reduce the claw marks on your furniture.

It is not necessary to pay expensive for the purchase of a claw cutter. Indeed, here is a small model of nail clipper for cats at a low price:

Cat claw cutter

Cat claw cutter

  • Claw cutter designed for cats
  • Regular maintenance of the cat’s claws
  • Effectively cuts claws

8. Reward your cat for its good behavior

Of course when it comes to changing a behavior of a cat or a dog the reward is necessary. So every time your cat plays with you without scratching or biting, offer him a reward.

Simple, fast and effective to finally succeed in preventing your cat from scratching and biting!

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