Sending money online: easy, fast and free!

How to send money online easily? Whether it is to pay a bill or to transfer money to a loved one, several online services exist. All you need to do is register for one of the sites and services offered and have a bank account.

Money transfers are now very simple and by following a few guidelines, you can easily send money to your loved ones. 10-Trucs therefore offers you the best online money transfer sites and services.

2. Send money with Paypal

Paypal is a free and extremely fast service for sending money. You and the recipient both need to have a PayPal account.

The process of Paypal is that you can transfer money from your bank account to your Paypal account at any time and then send money from your Paypal account to another person.

The recipient will never know your bank information since the entire payment process is done through Paypal.

Meeting on to create your account for free and be able to send money online.

2. Use Western Union to transfer money

Another effective service for transferring money online but also in person is Western Union.

It is one of the most used services to send money to family members or friends around the world (or almost).

You can use Western Union services to:

  • Transfer money to a bank account
  • Transfer cash
  • Transfer money to a mobile wallet

Whether directly online, through a physical branch or over the phone, Western Union is really easy to use to send money.

Visit the to register and make your first money transfer.

3. Send money abroad with TransferWise

Another online money transfer service popular with customers is TransferWise! TransferWise therefore makes it possible to transfer money internationally in more than 70 countries and especially in more than 50 currencies.

So if you are looking for a less expensive solution than banks to send money abroad, this is certainly the best solution for you.

Visit the site to create your account and send your first amount of money. in the currency of your choice.

4. Azimo, fast and cheap money transfer!

Less known than its predecessors mentioned above, Azimo is increasingly used to send money online around the world!

After only a few minutes to create your online account, you will be able to send your very first money transfer, and this, with ease.

It is possible to send money:

  • to a bank account
  • to a mobile phone
  • to a cash pick-up point

Visit the site of to create your account in minutes!

5. TransferGo, send money online at low prices!

If you want to try another cheap money transfer service then TransferGo is another great service.

Unlike other services of the same kind, this one allows you to make payments via a credit card or debit card. There is even the possibility of paying a supplement to speed up the transfer of money to the recipient’s bank account (in just 30 minutes).

Check out all the features by visiting now.

6. What is the best online money transfer service?

Before letting you test each of the online money transfer services mentioned in this article, I would like to share my personal opinion with you!

If you had to make one or two choices then I recommend that you create a Paypal account and, if necessary, a Western Union account.

Of course the two services are independent of each other so you cannot send money from Paypal to Western Union and vice versa. Indeed, these two services are complementary and can therefore be useful according to your monetary and online payment needs.

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