Shaving foam, 10 things to do

Shaving foam can help you in everyday life!

Although shaving foam is primarily designed for a completely different task with men and women, be aware that it is possible to use it for other household tasks in the house, for example.

10 Tips therefore offers you 10 tips and tricks to do with shaving foam.

Shaving foam as anti-fog

Did you know that shaving foam is useful in the bathroom? Indeed, if you lack ventilation in the bathroom, you can apply a thin layer of foam on the mirror to prevent fogging.

A squeaky door?

If a house door squeaks, it can be remedied with shaving foam. As shaving foam is very lubricating, it can be effective against squeaky doors and windows. Of course, you have to reapply it more regularly than a real product against this type of problem.

Clean the taps

Another trick for the kitchen and the bathroom, cleaning the faucets with shaving foam. This is a really effective trick to make faucets shine quickly.

Remove a mustard stain

Did you just stain your clothes or your tablecloth with mustard? Don’t panic, simply remove the excess with a cloth and then apply shaving foam to the mustard stain, rubbing generously. Once dry, remove the dry foam and the mustard stain should be gone.

Removing a fruit juice stain

A stain of fruit juice on the carpet, above all do not panic! Just blot it all up and generously apply shaving foam to the remaining stain and scrub it all off.

Clean hands with shaving foam

Whether it’s during an excursion in the forest or simply to quickly wash your hands, you can use shaving foam. The foam is really efficient and quick to clean dirty hands. A small amount of foam is sufficient to clean everything.

Clean your hairbrush

Shaving foam can also be useful for deep cleaning your hairbrush and combs. Just dip your hairbrush in a glass mixed with water and shaving foam for a few minutes. In the end, rinse, dry and admire your new brush.

Clean the oven with shaving foam

Why spend money on an oven cleaner when you can use shaving foam to clean the inside of the oven! Simply apply the foam to the stains and leave the product to act for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water, quite simply. It is necessary to repeat 2 or 3 times for stubborn stains in the oven.

Clean jewelry

Shaving foam is also effective for cleaning and shining dull, chipless jewelry. Just rub the jewelry with a little foam to clean everything. Please note that certain materials and precious metals can be damaged by certain products, including shaving foam.

Wash the soleplate of the iron

Did you know that it is important to clean the soleplate of the iron occasionally? To do this, you can apply shaving foam to the cold iron. You have to let it act for a few minutes and then rub. Don’t forget to rinse well at the end to completely remove this foam.

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