Silverstone, use of silverstone

How to use silver stone or clay stone?

The silver stone, this white clay product has been very popular for household chores at home, and has been for a very long time!

10 Tips invites you today to discover all the possible uses of the silver stone at home. Happy exploring and happy cleaning!

The uses of silver stone at home:

1. Buy the silver stone at the best price

Before moving on to all the tips and tricks to do with the silver stone or the clay stone if you prefer, you must of course get some at the best price. 10 Tips offers you 500 gr of Pierre d’Argent available at the best price.

This clay-based silver stone is very popular and appreciated by buyers. It’s fitting that this clay cleaner is in Amazon’s Top Picks category with all the positive user reviews and comments.

Silver Stone

Silver Stone

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2. Clean the limestone with the silver stone

A first use of the silver stone is to remove or rather clean lime stains. Indeed, if you notice the presence of lime stains on the windows of the shower, the clay stone is an excellent natural cleaning product to clean everything.

Just take a damp cloth or a sponge and add silver stone to the cloth and then rub the lime stain.

The clay stone is therefore a quick and effective trick for easily cleaning limescale on the glass shower door and faucets.

3. Clean the glass ceramic with the silver stone

Did you know that silver stone can be used to clean and shine glass ceramics? Indeed, with a damp sponge and a small amount of silver stone, it will be very easy to remove white spots and other stubborn stains on the ceramic hob.

So if you don’t have any cleaner specially designed for glass ceramics, take your new 100% natural product to clean and shine.

4. Shine the leather with the clay stone

In addition to solid surfaces, the clay stone can also be used to clean and shine leather, be it clothing, shoes or other accessories.

Of course you have to be careful because just like baking soda, silver stone is somewhat abrasive so be careful not to damage the leather of your shoes or your handbag for example.

Here’s how to use this product to shine leather:

  • Dampen a sponge or soft cloth
  • Sprinkle some silver stone powder
  • Pass the sponge over the leather to clean and shine the leather

It is important to make movements without actually rubbing the leather with the sponge so as not to damage your shoes, handbag, jacket or boots.

5. Silver stone and fittings

If you are looking for a 100% natural cleaning product to clean and remove stubborn white stains and thus make your stainless steel sink and faucets shine, the silver stone is the solution.

  • Use a damp sponge
  • Rub the silver stone with the sponge for a few seconds
  • Take the sponge and clean the faucets and the stainless steel sink
  • Rinse and dry with a soft cloth (microfiber)

You don’t have microfiber cloths to shine stainless steel surfaces? Here are some right here at the best price:

Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths

  • Ultra soft and above all non-abrasive microfiber
  • Does not scratch any surface
  • Lint and streak free
  • Washable and reusable

6. Clean metals with the silver stone

Silverstone is also very useful for cleaning different metals. Whether it is to clean a bronze object or a stainless steel surface, the white clay stone is a really very effective all-purpose cleaner.

So you can use the silver stone to clean the following metals:

  • chrome objects
  • Objects and surfaces made of stainless steel (stainless steel)
  • silver objects
  • brass objects
  • bronze objects
  • aluminum objects
  • cast iron objects

The process is the same as the previous tips and tricks, just use a damp sponge and the clay stone for deep metal cleaning. Happy cleaning!

7. Clean tiles and tile joints!

In the bathroom a question keeps coming back, how to clean and shine the tiles and the tile joints in the shower? Simple, simply using the silver stone!

To quickly clean a tiled floor, a simple damp sponge with the clay stone is enough. On the other hand, for stubborn stains on the tile joints, it is better to form a paste with water and the silver stone and then rub the joints with a small brush.

For example, you can use an old toothbrush or buy a brush specially designed for cleaning ceramic joints.

Grout brush

Grout brush

  • Brush for optimal joint cleaning
  • Effectively cleans tile joints
  • TOP quality price

8. Which clay stone to buy?

So for those who wish to use all the cleaning power of the clay-based silver stone, it’s here that it happens. Here are our two favorite clay stone models that you can order here at the best price:

Silver Stone

Silver Stone

  • 500gr Silver Stone
  • Stone made from white clay
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clay stone

clay stone

  • 800 gr clay stone
  • Great eco-friendly product for cleaning everything
  • For absolute cleanliness

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