Speckles in plants, what to do?

How to get rid of small flies in plants?

Having pretty plants around the house brings a bit of life to any room. On the other hand, flies and gnats will often be tempted to settle in green plants.

It’s not very pleasant to see tons of little flies and speckles flying into the plants and taking refuge in the plant soil. 10 Tips introduces you to tips and tricks to eliminate small flies in plants.

1. Basil as midge control in plants

Do you like grandmother’s remedies? Here is one for you that you can use to eliminate or at least keep midges away from green plants.

Simply place a basil plant near your plants to repel flies and gnats. Indeed, the speckles flee the basil. You can also grow basil plants and place them near your green plants.

Basil is a very effective natural repellent against plant moths and other small critters that can hide in the soil.

2. A fly trap for houseplants

If you don’t like natural tips and tricks so much why not buy a sticky trap? This type of trap with glue is ideal for catching and killing flies, gnats and other small flies in plants and soil.

10 Tips offers you below a model of discreet and even pretty fly trap to install at the foot of your green plants. You can of course also use conventional sticky fly paper which you tinker around with to catch small plant flies.

Mini midge trap

Mini midge trap

  • Stealth Gnat Trap for Indoor Plants
  • Adjusts to the height of the plant
  • Set of 12 sticky traps

3. Mint for speckles in plants

If you have plants near your windows, put some pennyroyal near the pots. The smell it gives off will also repel flies and even some other flying and crawling critters.

You can also use other varieties of mint that will be just as effective against midges.

4. A bowl of water as a fly trap

It seems that if you put a bowl of water near your green plants, the little flies will go in there and drown. You will then only have to empty the water and put in a new one.

For a better result you can add alcohol to the bowl, plant flies and fruit flies are very attracted to it.

Fruit fly problem? If your problem is fruit flies then here is a great trap to catch and kill these little flying insects:

fruit fly catcher

fruit fly catcher

  • Super effective against fruit flies
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Top quality price!

5. Soapy water as midge repellent

An effective little grandmother’s recipe is to use soapy water against the little flies that hide in your green plants.

Indeed, it is enough to spray a little water mixed with dish soap on your plants or directly on the flies and they will die of asphyxiation. But be careful not to spray too much on your plants because they may suffer.

6. Lemon and cloves against small flies

Another trick to get rid of houseplant little flies and speckles for good is to use a lemon and cloves.

To do this trick:

  • First cut a lemon in half
  • Plant the cloves in the lemon pieces
  • Place the lemon wedges directly on the plant soil

The combined smell of lemon and clove will quickly scare away small flies away from your houseplants.

7. Matches to eliminate small flies

Take wooden matches and plant some in the soil of your plants, taking care to put the end of sulfur at the bottom and plant them at different depths.

This will repel small flies and gnats effectively. Also, don’t forget to change the matches regularly for it to be really effective as a repellent.

8. Small moisture flies

Is the soil for your plants always or almost wet? Did you know that the humidity of your plants’ soil can be the root cause of the appearance of these little mold flies?

Indeed, small black flies and gnats are attracted to humidity. To prevent them from being too often returned to your plants, avoid watering your plants too much to avoid the humidity that is released. Water the plants only when the soil is dry. So if the soil is still wet we avoid watering!

9. Diatomaceous earth and small flies

Diatomaceous earth is a natural solution to kill or at least prevent small flies and other pests from settling in the soil of your plants. This trick is very simple, just mix diatomaceous earth directly with the soil of your plants.

Diatomaceous earth is an excellent remedy for this type of fungus gnat or sciarids if you prefer. But you can also use this natural insecticide to get rid of ants, cockroaches, and even bed bugs! You can buy it right here:

diatomaceous earth

diatomaceous earth

  • TOP natural insect repellent
  • used in organic farming
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10. Marseille soap and gnat

Mix a little water and Marseille soap and put it on your plants so that the flies are repelled by the smell. Once again be careful not to spray too much because your plant could die with this trick, you have been warned!

What natural trick against midges in the house?

If you have a midge problem, a natural solution is to use essential oils as you’ll find out here: Essential oil, an effective anti midge.

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